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Carl sat down on the comfortable bench at his favorite local restaurant. His food lay out before him.

Carl was a food critic. He had dined at the finest restaurants in the world. In his role with the Times, he traveled the world in search of the very finest of flavors. His journeys had taken him to Paris, Rome, London, Athens, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, and the list went on and on. For twenty-nine years his globetrotting had allowed him to sample treasures of finest ingredients from celebrated chefs. His celebrity had been built on a foundation of excellence, his taste unquestioned by both the masses and the elite in the field of food. Thirteen books showed his name at the bottom of the cover, all but one a bestseller on his own newspaper's weekly list.

Now, back in New York City, his home all his life, he could visit his favorite restaurant of all. For once, a comfortable place with good cheer and paper napkins. Carl's shoulders relaxed as he prepared to take his first bite. Sometimes the best food couldn't be found in a opulent building with five stars on the door, it could be found on a street corner off the beaten path.

He took in a deep breath, the bustle of the restaurant all around him, rejoicing in the amazing scent simmering meat on the grill. As he took his first bite, the flavors swirled together in his mouth, bringing a gasp of pleasure to his lips at the initial sensation. The savory beef, the luxuriously soft bread provided delightful texture as it touched his tongue. The crisp, vinegar-laden tang of pickled vegetables and sauces mixed using closely-guarded family recipes balanced nicely the robust flavor of the well-prepared beef. The fresh, cold crunch of shredded lettuce provided an opposing texture of amazing contrast to the melting softness of beef and bread. Carl's other hand reached downward to find a sliced potato, cooked to perfection, its salty, impeccable, flavor unique and unrivaled. It was the perfect complement to the main course.

Carl set down his perfect sandwich to hum the song:

"Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun..."

Oh, how he loved his weekly trip to McDonald's.

A fun little flash story about a food critic...
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