A College Capture - Part 1

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By HikerAngel

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Lillian sat on the couch next to Norman, arms crossed. Lillian turned to move her mouth inches from Norman's ear, shouting to be heard over the insanely loud techno playing over the fraternity's speakers. "I hate these fucking parties. Why do I always get talked into coming?"

Norman took his turn, moving mouth to Lillian's ear and shouting in return, "I know. Me too. Wanna head out?"

"Yeah!!" came Lillian's reply. The two slipped into their traditional routines, Lillian collecting Amanda, and Norman collecting George.

Lillian scanned the room, until her eyes came to rest on Amanda's athletic 5'6" frame, her long, light-brown hair bouncing as she danced, plastic cup held over her head as she swayed her shapely ass to the music. Lillian felt a surge of jealousy watching her pretty friend holding the attention of a good-looking guy with her sexy movements. How Lillian wished her shapeless form were more like that of her friend... she would give anything to have a guy look at her like that. Maybe even Norman? She had those kinds of thoughts randomly about her suite-mate, but never took them too seriously. She probably had a chance with him... and their semi-nerdy interest were pretty well in alignment. But... on to the task at hand: collecting her roommate.

Lillian rose and approached Amanda, tapping her on the shoulder from behind. Startled, Amanda dropped her drink... right on Lillian's head. As the cheap beer splattered all over her, soaking her hair and face, and dribbling on her top, she closed her eyes and sighed. It was a fitting end to her miserable night.

Lillian's sigh propelled a few droplets of beer onto her attractive friend's glistening cleavage as she turned around. "Oh my goshhh, Lil, I'm shooo shorry," Amanda exclaimed cringing at what she had done to her friend and stumbling a bit as the room spun in alcohol-fueled motion.

Without a word, Lillian opened her eyes, beer still flowing down her face, grabbed her friend's hand, and led her out the door.

Meanwhile, Norman spotted George chatting (well, more like the frat party equivalent of chatting--hollering at the top of his lungs over the music) enthusiastically with Megan, the attractive, ginger-haired girl from his LARP group. She was the whole reason they were all here. George had the crush to end all crushes, and she was its object. Unfortunately for George, she had placed him so far into the friend zone, he would have to cross a continent to get out.

Fortunately, Megan was putting on her jacket and waving goodbye. If she weren't Norman would never have been able to get George to leave. As Megan walked away, George began to survey the room until he spotted Norman. Norman nodded his head toward the door, and his friend nodded back in acknowledgement. They both made their way through the plastic-cup holding crowd toward the door, meeting Lillian and Amanda just outside in the cool, fall air.

"What happened to you?" Norman asked Lillian before he could think better of it.

Lillian shot back an angry glare, "Our good friend Amanda here, that's what!"

"I shaid I'm shorry, Lil. Geez!" Amanda replied, as she focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

None of them noticed the shadowy figure that slinked quietly behind them.


About halfway to the dorm, Norman suggested that they take a shortcut across the cemetery. After swinging his legs over the fence and dropping to the ground, Norman turned around to catch Amanda if she fell. Fortunately, Amanda's significant athletic prowess compensated for her drunken state, and she gracefully landed in a crouch. Unable to reach the top of the fence, George gave Lillian a boost up one side, while Norman caught her on the other. Then, George swung himself over.

As they walked, Norman felt uneasy, as if he were being watched. Maybe this shortcut hadn't been such a good idea.

Suddenly, coming out of nowhere at incredible speed, a dark shape barreled into Amanda, sending her sprawling to the ground. Before anyone could react, a silver flash flew past them from behind... directly into the dark shape's chest. The dark shape gave a brief crimson flash, before disappearing in smoke.

Lillian, Norman, and George turned, eyes wide, to see a slim, leggy feminine shape clad in form-fitting black striding toward them.

Norman and George quickly moved the each side of Amanda, helping her back to her feet, as the woman approached. It was difficult to make out her features in the dark night of the new moon.

As the woman grew close, a distant street lamp provided just enough light for the group to see that she was stunningly beautiful. She looked like a buff supermodel. As she reached them, she said simply, "Choose your champion."

Lillian, Amanda, Norman, and George waited expectantly, but the woman said no more. Norman and George exchanged a look, and Norman shrugged.

Discomfort and impatience driving her bravery, Lillian, hair still dripping from the beer that Amanda had spilled on her, took a few steps toward the woman. "Care to elaborate, lady?"

With no further words, the woman grabbed Lillian's arm. The two of them disappeared in a flash of light.


Lillian blinked. She and the mysterious woman had appeared in a dark stone room, lit by torchlight. Three pedestals that looked a bit like bird baths stood in the middle of the otherwise empty room. The one to the left contained glowing blue liquid; the one in the middle, swirling green; and the one to the right, dull red liquid.

Lillian turned to the tall, gorgeous woman next to her, trying to decide which question to ask first, when the woman gave her a cup and said a single word. "Choose."

Lillian paused again, waiting for the woman to say more, but, again, she didn't. It was fairly clear that the woman expected her to take a drink of one of the three liquids. Lillian had no idea, however, which to choose.

"Is this like a Harry Potter sorting hat kind of thing?" she asked aloud, not really expecting an answer, and not receiving one. The woman simply stood there like a statue, gaze locked firmly on the stone wall across the room. "Loqacious, aren't you?" she sassed the woman, probably unwisely, but she was a little emboldened from her frustration and having to make what seemed like an important decision based on no information whatsoever. Walking around the pedestals, she finally decided to look at their supporting columns. She saw some wording etched in each one. They all said the same thing:

cogitant facti sunt

It looked like Latin. How she wished she had taken Latin right now! Lillian chided herself, she need to do the best she could to figure this out.

Cogitant looked like cognitive or cognition, so it probably had something to do with thinking. Facti. She wasn't sure. Fact? Sunt. She had no idea about that one. Think fact? Think about what you want to be, maybe? It seemed to make sense. It had to be something like that. She again tried to think of what sunt might mean, but it was no use. Between the pressure and the events of the night--not to mention the couple of beers she'd had at the party--her brain wasn't in full gear right now.

Think fact. What you think is what you become. What did she want to become? She should probably think about what she wanted to be like or change into or something when she drank the liquid.

She walked around to the other side of the pedestals to see if they said something on the other side. They did! The words inscribed were:

Blue liquid - spiritus

Green liquid - animo

Red liquid - corporis

Lillian didn't know what animo meant, but she knew that spiritus was spirit and corporis was body, like corporeal. Animo had to be mind. Mind, body, and spirit. It made sense.

So... it seemed like the blue one made her spirit become something, the green one made her mind become something, and the red one made her body become something. I guess the question is, Lillian thought, which one do I want to change...

Lillian had never been happy with her body, so this was an easy decision, now that she understood what she was choosing. Think about what you want your body to be...

She thought of her attractive roommate Amanda--her 5'6" height, her athletic body, her lovely features. She looked back at the buff supermodel woman still standing like a statue in the corner of the room. She tried to think of an idealized version of herself--athletic, taller, beautiful. She might as well take advantage, if she got to choose, and thought of herself as incredibly sexy. She smiled at the mental image. Let's see Norman resist that she thought.

Inspired by her new self-image and the thought of seducing Norman, she filled the cup to the absolute brim with the red liquid, and drank it all down.

There was another flash.


Now, she was in some type of stone cell with iron bars. In the corner was another girl. A slight but pretty girl, probably around 5' with long dark hair and cute features sat there, arms around her knees.

"Hi," she said. "You must be new. I haven't seen you in here before. I'm Kelly."

Lillian looked at the girl, walked over, and offered her hand. "I'm Lillian. Nice to meet you. What is this place?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. I was cutting through a cemetery at night on my way home, with a friend, and this really good-looking guy came up to us and told us to choose a champion. I started to ask him what he meant, and I was here!" Kelly said.

"Sounds familiar," said Lillian. "Except that it was a woman that asked me."

"Which one did you choose?" asked Kelly, looking eager to know.

"Red." Lillian answered simply.

"That's cool. There was another red in here when I first arrived. He was... easy on the eyes. Too bad he's gone." Kelly replied.

"Gone?" Lillian asked.

"Yeah. He had gone through two trials. After they took him for the third trial, he never came back. Not sure if he didn't make it through the trial, or if they let him go after that or what." Kelly answered. "He said that the same thing happened with the girl that was here when he first arrived. Two trials, then gone."

"What are the trials?" asked Lillian.

"For me, they've been one-on-one fights with these weird creatures. I beat them both times, and then I came back here. That's all I know. You use your new abilities to fight them." Kelly said.

"New abilities?" asked Lillian.

"Yeah, you're a red, so you're basically a fighter." Kelly replied. "I chose the blue liquid, so I got magic." Kelly reached out her hand, and blue lightening cracked and curled around it. "Pretty awesome, right?" She grinned.

"It's too bad there's no mirrors in here to check out your new self, but you should check out as much as you can. I'm sure your body changed. The last guy said his did."

Startled that she hadn't thought to check herself out earlier, she looked down to see if she had changed...

Looking down, the first, most obvious change was to her breasts. Her tiny A's had become small B's. She cupped them in her hands. They were firm and rode high on her chest. Lillian was overjoyed! Overcome with excitement, she checked the rest of herself out. Her hands felt along her stomach. It was defined, firm, contoured. Bending over, she crunched down on them. She could see the faint outline of abs!

Lillian felt around behind her. Her ass was tighter, harder, and had probably gained an inch, just like her breasts! This was unbelievable. Her legs felt smooth and shapely. They seemed longer as well, though it was difficult to tell. As she ran her hands along them, she noticed small triceps popping into relief on her arms. She flexed one arm to see the small bump of a bicep appear. How cool was that! She looked over to her shoulder and saw small striations appearing as she moved. She was buff! Okay, not really buff but had small, visible muscles. It was more than she had ever had before!

How she wished she could see her face! But there was no mirror in the small cell. It was difficult enough to see the rest of her body in the dim, flickering torchlight.

Remembering Kelly, whom she had forgotten about in the joy of exploring her body, Lillian looked back up to meet Kelly's eyes. Kelly's eyes held a glimmer of amusement, as she smiled back at Lillian. "I take it, you like the changes?"

"Yeah," Lillian replied bashfully, a little embarrassed at having checked herself out so obviously in front of the smaller girl. Had she really cupped her breasts? Right in front of this girl she barely knew? Oh my God!

Lillian heard a clank and looked to the cell of the door. The silent supermodel had inserted a key and was about to open the door. This was her chance to escape!

As Silent Supermodel, as Lillian decided to name her in her mind, drew the door back, Lillian raced for the door, determined to slip through, evade her captor and make a break for it.

She darted through the opening, when she suddenly felt Silent Supermodel grab her around the waist. Lillian pushed at her arm, trying to dislodge it, but it was like iron. Even with her new muscles, she could not seem to budge the woman's arm in the slightest.

Drawing Lillian to her side, she carried Lillian with one arm, descending down the stone steps into the darkness below...

Silent Supermodel finally set Lillian back down, shoving her into another cage before locking the door. This cage was larger and had bars on three sides, stone wall on the other.

"Is this supposed to be my trial?" asked Lillian, mostly to herself.

To Lillian's suprise, Silent Supermodel answered, "Yes."

Lillian, frustrated at how little information she was being given and scared at the prospect of a fight with some kind of creature Was the fight to the death? Shit, she had forgotten to ask Kelly. That was probably important to know. If she killed something that she wasn't supposed to kill, that might not go so well for her. If she wasn't trying to kill the creature, but it was trying to kill her, that was probably a pretty big disadvantage. Stupid, Lil, stupid, she chastised herself. She had been so distracted by her improved body, she wasn't keeping her attention on the task at hand.

Then, she heard roaring coming from the stairwell. It must be the creature.

As it came into view, Lillian cursed. A huge, muscled humanoid beast was being pulled by four men gripping chains. Lillian wasn't a very good judge of height and distance, but this thing had to be at least seven feet tall. If it takes four men just to drag this thing down here, how on earth am I supposed to beat it up or kill it? Lillian mused to herself, fear beginning to consume her.

Shaking like a leaf at the far end, Lillian watched as the men forced the brutish beast into the cell with her. Get ahold of yourself, Lil. Lillian took a few deep breaths in an effort to control her fear.

Examining the cell around it, the beast finally noticed Lillian's form pressed to the back stone wall. It charged.

Reflexes faster than she was used to, Lillian dodged to the side and under its long arm as it reached for her. Almost instinctively, she fired an elbow into the side of the beast eliciting a grunt from the thing as she passed.

Where did that come from? Lillian wondered. That red juice must have done more to my body than just make it look good. She thought of Amanda. If she were here, she would have teased Lillian about her mad fighting skillz.

God, she wished Amanda were here. And Norm and George for that matter.

The beast attacked again. She dodged again in the same way. This time, as she struck the thing, it spun and raked her back with the claws of its other hand. Lillian's back exploded in pain.

Breathing heavily, Lillian chided herself again. Her back throbbed where the beast's claws had torn deep grooves down her back, as the sharper pain began to subside. If you keep doing the same thing and letting it learn your moves, you're going to get yourself killed here.

She felt blood start to creep down her back from several of the grooves. She couldn't see it, so she didn't know how bad it was. Maybe that was for the best.

In the spirit of unpredictability, she took the offensive firing her hardest blows at its chest, stomach, and anything else she could reach as she lunged forward, driving it back. It grunted in pain at each strike.

Lillian darted back before taking a defensive posture again, shifting her weight back and forth on the ball of each foot, primed for quick movement. Wow! She was moving like a real fighter. Go red juice!

Lillian tried to move in on the beast again, but this time, its claws flashed out nearly taking her head off. She ducked in time, though, got inside its reach and delivered a hard front kick that sent it stumbling back.

Damn, I must be pretty friggin' strong! Lillian thought, confidence beginning to grow a little. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have survived those claws, though, if they had hit my neck. This must a fight to the death. It has claws, though, and I have fists. How am I supposed to kill this thing without any weapons?

Lillian scanned her eyes around the room. Was there anything here she could use? No. The floor was completely bare. Her eyes searched the stone wall for anything. A weapon rack would be good... but... no. Nothing.

Wait! There was something. Sitting in a sconce was a torch high on the wall, providing the only dim light to the cell.

As the creature lurched forward, she maneuvered between its legs, launching both arms upward in a dual strike. It connected, sending the creature tumbling over her, though its leg caught her in the head. She hit the ground hard, seeing stars. Knowing she didn't have much time before the creature rose back up, she shook off the dizziness and ran the far wall. Her foot found purchase on the stone, and she launched herself up enough to tip the torch with her hand, destabilizing it enough to drop to the ground.

She picked it up and threw it at the thing. It connected with the creature's head, the burning oil on the surface of the torch splattering all over its face. It cried out, scratching at the flames. However, that only served to get burning oil on its hands as well.

Lillian hugged the wall at the farthest end of the cell as she watched the thing struggle and burn, feeling slightly remorseful, as she saw the pain that it was in.

As the adrenaline of the moment began to subside, her back and head throbbed painfully, bringing tears to her eyes. She would need to tend to these injuries quickly, especially if she had at least two more of these fights to deal with.

Then, a flash. She was back in the pedestal room with the bird baths. Silent Supermodel was there. "Choose" said the strange woman again.

"Nice vocabulary, lady. Monosyllable, much?" she asked, mostly to amuse herself.

Silent Supermodel just stood there, expressionless.

She grabbed the cup again, filled it to the rim with the red liquid, and drank again.

Another flash, and she was in the cell with Kelly again.

Kelly smiled. "How'd it go?"

"It was fucking INSANE! They made me fight some kind of ogre/troll monster thing!" Lillian gushed, happy to have a friendly face to share this wild experience with.

Kelly smiled. "Check out yo' bad self."

"Now, could you look at my back and tell me how bad it is?" Lillian asked, craning her neck to see if she could see it. Then, she realized that it wasn't hurting any more.

"How bad what is?" Kelly asked before a look of realization crossed her face. "Oh yeah, the liquid heals you after every trial. Speaking of which... you look awesome!"

In her excitement to relay the battle and concern about her injuries, Lillian had forgotten to check out her latest round of changes. Her small B's had swelled to borderline C's. Firm and perfectly-shaped, she couldn't wait to show them off to Amanda. They were ever so slightly smaller, but shapelier than her friends she decided as she examined them.

The faint outline of abs from before had become a full on six pack. Hard and sexy, this was the stomach she had always dreamed of having. Her arms felt hard with small but noticeable feminine muscle rounding them out. Her legs were sleek and slim. They wouldn't have been out of place on a ballerina. How she wished for a mirror...

Lillian realized that she felt strong. A certain... vitality... flowing through her that she had never felt before. She was almost looking forward to that next trial. Was that weird? she wondered.

Another clang at the door, and Silent Supermodel pulled it open, looking at Kelly. Without a word, Kelly walked up to her, offering her hands. Silent Supermodel clamped the manacles down on them and led her away, closing the cell door behind her.

Her third trial, Lillian said to herself. Good luck, Kelly..

After about 15 minutes, Kelly flashed back into the cell, slumping against the wall.

"How did it go?" asked Lillian.

"There were three of them this time. It was... so much harder. I almost didn't pull this one off." stated Kelly. She seemed to be clutching her left side, but Lillian couldn't see any injuries.

That was not what Lillian wanted to hear. A stab of fear shot straight to her heart. Was she going to be able to get through this?

Before she could think about it too much more, Silent Supermodel came to the cage again. Weighing her options, Lillian decided to try escape again. She didn't see a downside. The worst that could happen is the same thing that happened last time, and Silent Supermodel would carry her instead of pull her by chains. So she made a break for it, trying again to slip past the gorgeous guard.

The same thing happened. The only difference was that she seemed able to move Silent Supermodel's arm a bit this time. Not enough to actually escaped, but her struggles were strong enough to cause her some difficulty. Silent Supermodel gave a rare expression as Kelly was able to do this, however. She seemed to look... concerned.

As she was pushed into the cell, she saw a tall, handsome human man at the far end of the cell. Was she supposed to fight a person now? Was she supposed to kill a person now? Somehow that seemed a much more daunting proposition than killing even a huge beastly monster as she had last time.

Then, the man changed. He became a six foot monsterously huge wolf. Ahh, so werewolf it was...

The man charged before Lillian had any more time to think. Kicking out her leg, she rolled onto her back, launching the wolf all the way to the far wall, where it impacted with a crunch. She did a helicopter ninja thing with her legs was was back on the balls of her feet in a flash. Wait... how had she done that? Her body was doing this seemingly without her mind's knowledge or direction. At least it seemed to be doing a better job than she would have!

The wolf slowly rose to its feet and launched at her through the air. Stepping to the side lightning fast, she fired a left cross at its head, connecting with its head and sending it reeling.

Shaking its head as if stunned, the wolf wasn't coming at her again, so she approached it warily. It still seemed dazed, so she risked a big, slow, powerful uppercut to the underside of its jaw, taking advantage of its current state to deliver a knockout punch.

The beast's head snapped back with a crack, and it collapsed unmoving.

The entire fight hadn't even taken 30 seconds. She must be getting better at this!

Another flash, and she was back to the pedestal room. Silent Supermodel looked concerned again as she filled her cup absolutely full of the red liquid and drank it all. Then a flash back to the cell.

Kelly was shocked at the speed of Lillian's return. "Wow! That didn't take long... and man, you look buff! And gorgeous! I really should have gone with the red stuff!"

Lillian looked down. Full swells pushed her shirt out even farther than before. Large C's probably? Her abs were even more impressive. A diamond hard eight pack, jagged obliques, etched Adonis belt. She had never seen more impressive stomach on anyone, even in fitness magazines. Legs carved in marble, smooth and perfect, displayed striation and sinew with every movement. Her arms were similar with small but hard, lean, feminine muscles standing in full relief along their length. She looked like a fitness model who hadn't eaten a carb in five years. Except for her full, ripe breasts, which seemed incongruous with her lean, shredded muscle.


After a few hours of chatting with Kelly--she was really coming to like this girl--Silent Supermodel came back, pointing at Lillian.

"My turn--again?" Lillian said, surprised. She debated whether to make a break for it, but, again, didn't see any reason not to. She ran at the door just as the tall, beautiful automaton opened it, lowering her shoulder to it. Silent Supermodel's eyes went wide, and she was knocked back to the far wall of the hallway. "Come on, Kelly, let's go!" Lillian cried.

Kelly looked shocked, but she did as instructed. As her friend darted through the opening, Silent Supermodel seemed to recover, blocking their path to the door down the hallway.

Lillian walked up to her, light on her feet, shifting her weight from one foot to the other automatically. Silent Supermodel fired an insanely fast jab at her head, but Lillian moved just enough to feel the air against her cheek as the tall woman's fist sailed by. She sent an uppercut into the woman's solar plexus (it seemed to be her new body's favorite move), and Silent Supermodel began to double over with the impact. Lillian grabbed the back of the woman's head as it came down as used the downward momentum to smash the woman's face into her rising knee. She felt the pop as her knee plowed into the poor woman's nose. She felt a pang of remorse as the woman fell to the ground like a sandbag, but she had to keep moving if she wanted to get out of here.

She grabbed Kelly's hand, her friend giving her a look of "I can't believe that you just did that!" and pulled her friend along to the far door. The door led to a grand hall, opulently decorated, but, fortunately, empty. She saw a huge, arched double-door at the far side of the room, and ran for it, still pulling her friend along.

She put her shoulder into the door at a dead run, and the huge, thick door moved open enough to allow the two of them to pass. They ran out into the daylight.

Lillian recognized the spire of her university's clock tower in the distance with elation. She started to jog toward it. After a moment, she turned to look behind her, and realized that Kelly was a fair distance back already. She stopped to wait for her friend.

Kelly, huffing and wheezing, said, "Slow... down... You... are... too fast!"

"Sorry," Lillian said sheepishly, "I think I'm faster than I used to be!"

Lillian walked beside Kelly, allowing the shorter, slim girl to keep up. The pace felt painfully slow to Lillian, but she tried to be patient, knowing that her friend didn't have physical improvements that she had.

"Do you go to the U too?" Lillian asked.

"Yeah, I'm a business major," Kelly replied.

"Bio for me," Lillian said. "How long have you been back in there?" She motioned back to the fortress-like place where they had been imprisoned."

"I don't know for sure, but less than 24 hours for sure. I am sure looking forward to getting some sleep, I'll tell you that much." Kelly said.

"Do you think that we should go to the police, or will they think we're crazy?" Lillian asked.

"I think we should. We need to at least try. More people could end up captured or dead!" Kelly said with determination.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's head there first."


The visit to the police station had gone about as Lillian had expected. They listened to the girls, taking fewer and fewer notes for their report as the story grew more fantastic until they had ceased writing entirely. The police had assured them that they would look into it and ushered them out. Lillian was fairly certain that those reports had gone immediately into the recycle bin as soon as they had left. Oh well; they had tried at least.

Kelly had gone back to her room, and Lillian knocked on hers, hoping that Amanda was there, so that she could take a shower and get some rest.

"Oh my God, Lil!!" Amanda cried, relief displayed all over her features. "I was sooo worried about you!"

"We reported you as being kidnapped to the police, but they weren't taking us seriously. We smelled like alcohol, and our story was crazy, so, you know..." Amanda continued until she noticed that she was looking her friend eye-to-eye.

"Lil, are you taller? ...And your chest! What the hell?!?" Amanda exclaimed, finally noticing the changes in her roommate.

"That's the least of it," Lillian said, tugging the bottom of her top up.

"O. M. G." Amanda mouthed silently, stunned at the inhumanly perfect bricks tensing in Lillian's iron stomach.

Lillian pulled her sleeve up to her shoulder, displaying carved, iron ridges running along her upper arm.

"Geez, Lil! What...?" Amanda said, mouth hanging open.

"I had to take this red liquid stuff, and it made me a lot stronger. It seems like it taught my body how to fight too, but I'm still not sure how all of that works. I'll tell you and the guys all about it, but I need to get a shower and some sleep. It has been an insane night."

"Sure, sure. Oh my GOD, Lil! Wow!" Amanda said, shaking her head in disbelief.


That afternoon, after Lillian had gotten a few hours of sleep, her suite-mates gathered in their shared living room, and Lillian relayed the tale.

As she was finishing, there was a knock on the door. Amanda walked over to open it.

It was Kelly.

"Kelly!" Lillian cried, hugging her new friend.

"I wanted to see how you were doing!" said Kelly as they released the friendly hug.

"I'm fine. I got a little sleep and was just telling everyone about what happened," Lillian said. "Speaking of which, let me introduce you to everyone."

Lillian's friends took turns introducing themselves to Lillian and shaking her hand.

"Can you really do magic?" Amanda asked the small girl.

In response, Kelly raised a hand, turned it palm up and a crackling ball of blue lighting appeared, floating just above her hand. Lillian and her friends leaned forward to check out the hovering ball of electricity with expressions of amazement. A moment later, Kelly made a closing gesture with her hand, and the ball dissipated.

Lillian and her friends wanted to hear all about Kelly's trials and how she was captured and received her powers, so she told them all her story as well.

"Anyway, I came over here partly to talk over what to do next. Since you and I were both taken in the cemetary, I was kinda thinking that we might head over there. If Silent Supermodel or her cronies show up there tonight, we can defend ourselves this time. Maybe we can get some answers about why they did what they did," Kelly explained. "I don't know about you, but I'm all kinds of curious about why they gave us the liquid and gave us powers."

"Sounds like a plan. Let me get ready." Lillian said.

"I'm coming too!" said Amanda.

"Me too!" said the boys in unison.

Lillian and Amanda changed and came back in form fitting workout clothes. Lillian's lean, defined muscles filling out the clothes as never before. The boys remained in jeans and t-shirts.

"You guys have no sense of style!" said Amanda, poking fun at them.

"Yeah, whatever," said Norman not bothered by his lack of fashion sense in the least. "This is college. Jeans and a t-shirt is pretty much our uniform."

The group left the dorm and made its way to the cemetary as the sun disappeared under the horizon.

As they arrived in the cemetary, Lillian scanned the area.

No sign of Silent Supermodel.

"What the hell is that?!?" asked Kelly, her voice intense and urgent.

Lillian's head swiveled as she searched the horizon. Momentarily confused at what Kelly was seeing, she finally looked down. Ten yards in front of them, something was coming up from the ground.

Lillian's eyes went wide as she realized it was hands... and a head!

"What the fuck!" Lillian said. She didn't curse often, but if this wasn't a WTF moment, she wasn't sure what was.

The thing finished coming out of the ground and rose to its feet. It was a person... sort of.

Dirt-laden stringy dark hair partially covered a pale, partially decomposed face. Bones showed through cheeks. It wore a suit, dirty but high quality. It stretched out its arms and walked slowly toward them.

Lillian saw a bolt of electricity fly past her and into the thing. She looked back and saw Kelly, a single arm raised, palm facing outward, electricity crackling around it. Lillian swiftly turned back to the creature, the... zombie? It was shuddering as the blue electrical current writhed around it. Once the electricity dissipated, however, it resumed its forward march.

Lillian stepped up to meet it before it arrived at the rest of the group. He pulled back her right arm, forming a closed fist with her hand. She let it fly. Her fist connected right under the thing's jaw before it could react. She gave the punch everything she had, and its head went flying, arcing upward, leaving the rest of the body behind.

The body seemed to stiffen, then it went down on both knees. Then, it fell face-first (well, chest-first actually, considering the whole lack of head thing) to the ground.

Lillian heard slow clapping coming from behind them as the zombie body hit the turf.

"Nicely done. Nicely done," a voice said. A voice that she didn't recognize.

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Did this ever get a continuation?

I understand if not. You certainly have plenty of other storylines you've been keeping busy with and sharing with us.

But I'm left curious what it is about Lillian that let her surprise her silent captor so much and what'll become of her as she discovers that about herself, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking a chapter somewhere!

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Not yet. Yes, many irons in the fire. :)