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MMD-Mikuo Hatsune DL

* Head - Kio
* Body - Kio/ Nakao
* Shoes - DT MIku
* Textures - Me
* Microphone - DT Miku
*Hair- jihoukun


♥Don't redistribute this model
♥Don't claim as ur own
♥Dont Edit Without my Permission!
♥Don't do just simle recoloring or if u do it,do it

Mikuo Hatsune pass: aoiriku15

Comments are appreciated~
In advance thank you for the fav~

Models by and PMD!
Comment, if you download,please!! :iconbegplz:
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Deme1983's avatar
i would have loved to DL this but the link was deleted T-T will this model be back by chance?
Mmdfan2's avatar
By the way nice job
Mmdfan2's avatar
why cant i download it?
0kittly's avatar
hi thank you for making this
sria ecxelente poder descargarlo
TakashiValac's avatar
I wish to download it but the link is down
ShiroAmatsuki's avatar
Can you make a new download link ;v; ? It says File Deleted
mmddownloader's avatar
NOOO!!! The file's not for DL anymore!!! QAQ Can you take it for DL again pls?
shadowgirl78899's avatar
It has been taken down! :( Could you reupload, please?
Eipuriru14's avatar
dld cause it is handsome
Eipuriru14's avatar
almost D: it got down
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kawaii-ouran-chan's avatar
okay why would you comment it anyways if you don't like them yourself? its just sad you listen to these stupid things. No effence, but those things are stupid and if you had common sense you wouldn't give a second thought to it.
AmourexPenguin's avatar
It says the file's been deleted ;; w ;;
todamax180's avatar
the download is broken, but i really want this model
Sephirothgalarza's avatar
is their easy to make the mmd characters move on laptop other than just going on the pc
zimpancakes's avatar
Thank you! He's beautiful :D
PixxieGirl45's avatar
Downlowded. So Cool! A Genderbent Miku!
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