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Pokemon - Pyroli

By HikaruJen

Booster [JP] Flareon [Eng] Pyroli [Fra]
Name - Pyroli
Type - Fire
Gender - Female
Partner/Trainer - Sarha


Pyroli is Sarha's very first Pokemon, she met her when Sarha was a little girl and they became great friends, always together. Pyroli and Sarha are like sisters, they share a big complicity and sometimes even act the same way, they share the same energy, "fire-power", they're full of life and always jumping into a new adventure. They're twin-sisters, yes !
Pyroli is a nice and sweet Pokemon, she likes to play with her Partner, to sleep close to her, and also, she likes to eat a lot of Pokémon food !
She's a very great fighter, using powerful fire attacks, she's Sarha's strongest Pokemon, since they're training and traveling together since lots of years. Her biggest fear is water.
For Skitty and Sato - Sarha's others Pokemon - Pyroli is like a big sister, taking care of them. Her body temperature being very hot (as you know), she's always trying to protect her friends when it's cold.
Well~ as long as Pyroli can be with Sarha, travel around the world, have hugs and Pokéfood... Pyroli is the happiest Pokemon ^-^

Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori...
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c trop cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X3
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I wish I was a Flareon. 😄 Oh yeah I am one😁
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thats gotta be one of the cutest flareons
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C'est l'incarnation de la mignonnitude la plus totale :U cutecutecute x3 !!!
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oh how cute!
You did a good job here!
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oh it is really cute
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This is so cute!
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Do you do commissions or requests?
vanquiishedbrownese's avatar god. Flareon is so adorable and doesn't get nearly as much love as it should! Thank you for making this beautiful piece! ><
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Aww its so cute!!! :3 I love it! :D
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this is so kgtreat!!!!
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AHH Sooo cute xD~ <3 I love it~ Looove iiiiit!~ She's so happy- I love her eyes n.n!
HikaruJen's avatar
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You are so welcome :3~
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c super mignon, bravo ^^
HikaruJen's avatar
Merci beaucoup ^w^
Y-Mangaka's avatar
de rien.
ça fai plaisir de voir le travail d'un compatriote sur ce site, surtout d'une telle qualité. ^^
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AAAaaaaaawwww!!!! XD
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