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HikariYukimura's Profile Picture
United States

About Me

24 Years Old | September 6th | Virgo

Artist | Hobbyist | Other

Hello and welcome to my profile. I love to draw anime/manga style because it made me what I love to watch and read. Also I love to meet and make new people and I hope that anyone to enjoy my drawing.

My birthday badge


Hello anyone today is September 1st which it mean that my birthday is coming very close which is September 6th but it not just my birthday it also my Naruto oc Hikari Yukimura's birthday too.....

So if you guys want you can make the gifts

Thank you so much

--- Basic Info ---

Name: Hikari Yukimura
 雪村 ヒカリ
 Hikari mean 'Light' and Yukimura mean 'Snowy Village'
 Kari or Kari-chan
 Gracious Snow Princess
Sexual orientation:
 September 6th
 Part I: 12-13 Part II: 15-17 The Last: 19 Epilogue: 30’s
Zodiac sign:

--- Characteristics ---

Blood type: AB
 Part I: 4'6'' (137 cm) - 4'7'' (139 cm) Part II: 4'11'' (150.7 cm) The Last: 5'1'' (153.7 cm) Epilogue: 5’5” (165 cm)
 Part I: 81 lbs. (36.6 kg) - 81 lbs. (37 kg)  Part II: 97 lbs. (43.8 kg) The Last: 101 lbs. (46 kg) Epilogue: 106 lbs. (48 kg)
 Brown represent good willed and warm-hearted
Hair: Black also that she is wearing light blue ribbon on each side of her head.
 Pale Peach
Unusual Features:

Part I: none Part II: scars on collarbone, upper left thigh, lower back The Last: no extra scars.

 --- Appearance ---






The Last:


-Describe her different outfits and governing styles as your character develops.-

--- Ninja information ---

Affiliation: From Birth through 8 years old She was born and grow in Yukigakure but now Living Konohagakure
Current rank:
-Genin promotion: 12
-Chuunin promotion:
-Jounin promotion:
 Hikari becomes a jounin ninja after returning from the War; but has to take some time off from her ninja career after giving birth to Sōsuke. To stop boredom, she has taken over her mother's old job of caterer temporarily while she recovers from childbirth and mother-child bonding with Sōsuke. Once Sōsuke is weaned from his mother, Hikari gradually returns to her Jounin ninja job - as she has her grandparents and brother to help her with her son since Sasuke is away on his mission.
 Semi-Active and mother
Kekkei Genkai:
 The Yukimura clan have 2 different kekkai genkai but it based on gender. As the female member of Yukimura, Hikari have the ability of healing that is called “Mirayuki" (Beauty Orchid Snow & 美蘭雪) but it heal a lot faster than normal medical nin but it base on three levels of healing colors are level 1-green (basic healing), level 2-white (medium healing) and level 3-light blue (stronger healing which it heal the wounds so quickly.) It may be useful but it have the weakness of this, if Hikari use level 3 of healing too much then it would cause her charka went out of control and that it possibility of costing her life or something also that if she messes things up, the patients wounds still will heal, but it will transfer Hikari's healthy cells to the spoken patient what causes her body to get damaged.
Chackra nature:
 Wind and Water
Ninjustsu range:
 mid-ranged & long-ranged
Deffensive/Offensive type:
Dominant hand:
-A baby blue, very lethal katana sword with the Uchiha and Yukimura clan symbols on the handle and the hilt.

-Standard supply of kunai and shurikin.

-Senbon needles.

-Vial of deadly poison for both kunai and Senbon needles.
 Shirona (シロナ) aka Yuki no kitsune (雪のキツネ or Snow Fox)
 Arctic Fox
 the fox have similar justu with Hikari but when she jump it created the snowflakes which it created the clones of Hikari and people who are close to Hikari. Also that it have the abilities of using healing by using the snowflake but with light blue.
Missions completed:


 Hikari have the strong will by believing herself and people are close to her also that Genjutsu, Charka control and Stamina are the best strength.
 Hikari is not really good at taijutsu also that her fears of thunder or lightning.
Fighting style:
Hikari mostly used both ninjutsu and genjutsu.

Ninja stats:
IN(finger sign):

NIN: 3/5
TAI: 1/5
GEN: 3.5/5
KEN(intelligence): 3/5
RIKI(power): 2/5
SOKU(speed): 2.5/5
SEI(chakra): 3/5
IN(finger sign): 2/5
Total: 20/40


NIN: 4/5
TAI: 1/5
GEN: 5/5
KEN(intelligence): 3.5/5
RIKI(power): 3/5
SOKU(speed): 3.5/5
SEI(chakra): 4/5
IN(finger sign): 3/5
Total: 27/40

NIN: 5/5
TAI: 1.5/5
GEN: 5/5
KEN(intelligence): 4/5
RIKI(power): 3.5/5
SOKU(speed): 4/5
SEI(chakra): 4.5/5
IN(finger sign): 3.5/5
Total: 31/40

--- Techinques ---

-She is almost skilled on ninjutsu
Technique 1: Hyourou no Justu (Ice Prison Technique)

Technique 2: Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm)

Technique 3: Mizu Bunshin no Justu (Water Clone Technique)

Technique 4: Fuuton: Hanachiri Mai (Wind Release: Flower scattering Dance)

Technique 5: Fuuton: Kaiten Shuriken (Wind Release: Rotating Shuriken)

-She can’t use it.

She is really skilled on genjustu
Technique 1: Genjutsu: Kasumi (Illusion Technique: Mist)

Technique 2: Kasumi Jūsha no Jutsu (Mist Servant Technique)

This genjutsu creates eerie black ninja illusions, which appear one by one from trees and rocks, and corner the enemy. Their movements are slow, but when attacked they multiply, and in this way they appear like ghosts inhabiting the mist. Kunai are added to this technique, by throwing them to match illusions movement, making them seem real. As the clones continue to multiply, the victim will eventually be worn down.

Technique 3: Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Release)

Technique 4: Magen: Moufubuki (Demonic Illusion: Blizzard)

The user summons a blizzard to the surrounding area and causes illusionary snow to fall from the sky. This snow will act as a way to reduce visibility and will make it difficult to move for the opponent due to the screaming winds.

Technique 5: Kaben Yōkai (Petal Disguise)

This illusion causes the target to see the user become surrounded by a wave of flower petals. When then petals disperse and fly away in the wind the user is then seen as invisible to the target. The user must hold a hand seal in order to keep the illusion that they are invisible active, so no other techniques can be used while this one is active.

Technique 6: Hana Saiteiru Nioi no Jutsu (Blossoming Smell Technique)

This technique affects the sense of smell to seemingly intoxicate the target. The user either releases several cherry blossoms into the area, or plants them on the target before the jutsu can be initiated. As the smell gets into the nose the jutsu must be activated, causing the target to see hundreds or thousands of cherry blossoms floating in the air. They seemingly block out portions of the users vision, or aid in the "disappearance" of the user to completely confuse to opponent as well as make them feel slightly intoxicated. Of course there either must be a large quantity, or close proximity so the scent carries to the target, and not only is extra effective on those with heightened sense of smell but prevents tracking using smell as well.

Technique 7: Koori Torappu no Jutsu (Ice Trap Technique)

This genjutsu uses an illusion of ice to bind the target. After the user performs some handseals, it creates an illusion of snow forming, and falling around the user. After a short moment, the snow becomes to seem fiercer, and ice begins to form at the base of the targets feet, slowly growing upward up the body, until all but his head is engulfed. This whole technique can last about 2 minutes, but to the targeted, seems like about an hour of freezing torture has passed. This technique's effects can even be enhanced more when used in cold and/or snowy areas.

--- Personal traits ---

Endearing Traits: Helpful, dependable, independent, quirky.

Annoying Traits: Stubborn, a little selfish, can be a little precious at times (pedantic, being overly cautious), can be annoying sometimes.

Quirks: Fiercely protective of her friends and family. Will get very angry when somebody chooses to threaten or harm them.

Changes: During part one - she's shy and wary of others until she gets to know them. Having said that, she's fun and always seeking adventure with other eager people (Naruto). She believes Sakura to be pathetic and far too spoilt to be taken seriously, particularly when she makes a fool out of herself trying to make Sasuke look her way and make herself look superior to Hikari. During part two - since Sasuke's defect from Konoha, she becomes withdrawn, serious and cold. Having said that, she has matured drastically and hasn't lost her kindness and gentle nature from part one, and enjoys a laugh or two with her best friend (Naruto) and her other friends (Ino, Hinata etc). Her opinion about Sakura hasn't changed, but because they both had suffered a loss (Sasuke) they are on civil terms, but they both do not like each other. During the Last - Hikari and Sasuke are dating; as a result she's tougher, wiser, stronger and braver. Her civil relationship with Sakura has not changed, and her best friendship with Naruto has increased tenfold.

How she acts around friends: Cheerful, fun-loving, mischievous and flirty (around her guy friends)

How she acts around rival/enemies: Austere, sober, calculating, careful.

How she acts around superiors/elders: (depending on the elder) respectful, courteous, helpful.

How she acts around her love interest: Coy, modest, fearful of embarrassment, loving (if the interest is mutual), mischievous, playful, helpful, serious.
Good traits:
 Shy, compassionate, kind, great sense of humor.
Bad traits:
 Slightly insensitive, easily defensive, and Sadistic.
-foods and drinks: Food - dumplings (savoury and sweet) and BBQ and dried seaweed ramen; Drink - Mocha (Hot), Lemonade (Cold)
-colors: Blue, Pink and White
-favorite animal: rabbits & cats
-what he/she likes to do in his/her free time:
read, study, train and spend time with her friends
-foods and drinks: Spice foods
-colors: Purple
-less favorite animal: dogs & bugs
-what he/she doesn’t likes to do in his/her free time:
When she is upset about something she eating sweet to try to cheer herself up.
 enjoys reading and learning how to cook.
 Thunder or lightning would cause her frozen and cover her ears. Also losing someone important to Hikari.
 Keep aiming high, find time for friends and family, and never give up on love.

--- Relationships ---

Parents:  Mitsuko, Kruibayashi (Mother & deceased) & Yuuki, Yukimura (Father & deceased)
 Mamoru, Kruibayashi (Uncle & living) - 2nd father figure.

Masato, Kruibayashi (Grandfather & living)

Akemi, Kruibayashi (Grandmother & living)

Naruto Uzumaki - best friend and occasional prank partner.

Sakura Haruno - acquaintances.

Sasuke Uchiha - close friend/love interest

Kakashi Hakate - sensei during part one and part two, then becomes good friends and 3rd father figure after her Uncle Mamoru during 'the Last'.
Ino Yamanaka - close friend.

Hinata Hyuga - best female friend and confidant.
Best friend:
 Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuga
 Sasuke Uchiha
 Sakura Haruno

--- Background & history ---

Hikari Yukimura was born in the Hidden Snow Village. She lived there with her father, Yuuki Yukimura; the head of the Yukimura clan, her mother Mitsuko Kruibayashi; a well-respected Konoha Jounin and her paternal grandparents. Her maternal grandparents Masato Kruibayashi and Akemi Kruibayashi; lived in Konoha and frequently travelled to the Snow Village to visit Hikari and their daughter. Hikari's uncle Mamoru is estranged from his family because of his differences with his brother-in-law. From a young age, Hikari was taught the Yukimura clan's special jutsu: the Mirayuki – little did Hikari know that that jutsu would become very useful in years to come. The year Hikari was to turn eight, she was to begin her training as a Snow shinobi; however, it was also the year Hikari's family were killed by Orochimaru and his Sound Shinobi (unbeknownst to her – as she was hidden by her father at the time of the attack). Mitsuko was away at the time, visiting her parents and trying to find her brother – she returned to find her husband and his family had been completely slaughtered and was frantic that Hikari had suffered the same fate. Thankfully she found her daughter and fled to Konoha, where she and her daughter had lived ever since with her parents (and occasionally Mamoru) and where Hikari began her hard but rewarding life and training as a Leaf Shinobi.
Genin days:
Hikari was promoted to Genin level when she turned twelve. The training she had received changed her into a wise, mature and respectful kunoichi. She was allocated into squad seven under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake – otherwise known as 'the Copy Ninja' or 'Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye'. Genin squads are typically groups of three, however because of the odd number of Genins in Hikari's year, squad seven was the exception to the rule and consisted of Naruto Uzumaki; an orphaned, hyperactive, obnoxious, but very kind boy with a dark secret that was only known by the adults of the village, but forbidden to be spoken of, Sakura Haruno; born with an oversized forehead that makes her self-conscious, and of whom has an extremely bad temper that she frequently takes out on Naruto and on occasion Hikari (out of jealousy and rivalry), and Sasuke Uchiha; the youngest member of the Uchiha clan – who were slaughtered in cold blood by his older brother Itachi leaving Sasuke orphaned. He became withdrawn, cold and aloof, but against all odds becomes best friends with Naruto and develops a close romantic relationship with Hikari that he tries to keep at bay as he (wrongfully) believes makes him weak. He strongly dislikes Sakura because of her clingy behavior and dependence on her teammates to help her. Tragically, Hikari's mother is mysteriously murdered while squad seven was on their first B-ranked mission, making her an orphan. Her friendships with Naruto and Sasuke strengthens because of this. When Sasuke leaves Konoha without permission to train under Orochimaru, Naruto and Hikari go to extreme lengths to bring him back – both fail. As a result; Naruto leaves Konoha with Toad Hermit and Sannin, Jiraiya for private training. Sakura tearfully makes Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back for her and then seeks training from Slug Sannin and fifth Hokage Lady Tsunade to become a medic nin, and Hikari receives training from a former student of Orochimaru's, Anko Mitarashi and Mamoru who has returned upon hearing about his sister's death to help Hikari become a stronger and powerful shinobi.
Time skip/Shippuuden:
Three years passed since Sasuke defected from Konoha. Hikari, Naruto and Sakura are now fifteen and both Hikari and Sakura have been promoted to Chunnin level in Naruto's absence. Hikari has changed drastically due to Anko and Mamoru's training. She is skilled with the katana, kunai and shuriken, and has excellent control with her chakra – which makes her genjutsu and ninjutsu effortless, and her Yuki no Chiyu jutsu extremely helpful. But getting this powerful and strong came at a price: Sasuke's absence from Konoha has made her resentful towards him and is not sure she could truly trust him again if she ever saw him. When Naruto, Sakura and Hikari reunite with Sasuke at one of Orochimaru's lairs, Sakura reverts back to how she used to be around him when they were Genin. But Naruto and Hikari are saddened and indifferent, and even more determined to bring him home – much to Sasuke's chagrin. Although it is noted that Sasuke shows signs of having missed Hikari. Hikari finally finds out who killed her family all those years ago and sets out to have her own revenge against Orochimaru. She manages to kill him with Sasuke's help, but like Naruto fails once again to convince Sasuke to return to Konoha.
War Arc:
Hikari is recruited into the war effort alongside the other members of the Konoha Ten and gains herself a reputation as a formidable foe. But manages to get herself knocked out and kidnapped by Madara's shinobi, and presented to Sasuke as a 'consolation prize' after 'defeating' Itachi and learning the 'truth' about his family's slaughter from Madara. At first, Sasuke sees this as a good stress reliever (which disgusts Hikari to no end), but then realizes that he truly and deeply loves Hikari and they begin a clandestine relationship – which towards the end of the war results in Hikari becoming pregnant with Sasuke's child. When Sasuke learns this he sends Hikari back to Konoha to where she is safe, making no promises that he might return. Sakura is distraught when she learns that Hikari is carrying Sasuke's child and finds it difficult to accept this. Naruto has the exact opposite reaction and is excited to become an 'Uncle'. Hikari’s dream while inside the genjutsu was if the world is peaceful none of the war and others stuff wouldn't happening as Sasuke won't leave the village along both Hikari's and Sasuke's parents are alive along Itachi. Both of their mom are smile when they watching Sasuke and Hikari going on their date as Hikari's dad is almost freaky out of his daughter is with a boy as Itachi is proud of Sasuke finally confess his feelings for Hikari. When Madara is defeated and killed, Sasuke (having become a merchant trader) FINALLY returns to Konoha to Naruto, Sakura and especially Hikari's delight. Both Naruto and Hikari fight to clear Sasuke's name and eventually, Sasuke is reinstated as a Konoha ninja. Nine months after the war Hikari gave birth to her and Sasuke's first child which it is a boy and Hikari chose their first child's name “Toshio Uchiha”.
Tha Last:
Hikari is still living in leaf village also being mother of her son Toshio since Sasuke is away on his journey but Hikari understand his reason of being away but she will wait for his return to meet his son. Hikari got a lot of support of taking care of her son from her grandmother and her brother along her friends which they are adorable on Sōsuke. Even though Hikari is on the break from ninja for having child she got to Jounin rank. Pretty much the same as the movie except that Sakura is in a de-facto relationship with Gaara (who is still the Kazekage) instead of Sasuke, and Naruto fell in love with and married Hinata Hyuga – which produced Naruto's adorable children (Boruto (Bolt) and Himawari). Naruto became Sōsuke's godfather and the seventh Hokage.
Epilogue/Cheapter 700+:
After The Last, Sasuke return to the leaf village Hikari was really happy of him being back and she introduce Sasuke to his son and had family bond together. After that they gotten marry then have two more children joining the family. Hikari still active being ninja but when she the day off, she taking care of the house and her children, the oldest son Toshio almost becoming genin, the middle child and only daughter Sayaka is in ninja academy with Naruto and Hinata's son Boruto and the youngest child of the family Hikaru is helping his mom with the house also training before entering ninja academy but when Hikari went on the mission he go to Himawari's house or his uncle Koichi and his family’s house to playdate while Sasuke is away on his important mission.

--- Trivia ---

- She's right-handed

- Voice Actor(s): Yui Horie (Japanese) and Laura Bailey (English)

-Because of her cute looks, guys asked her out when they see her but she turn down which it mean that she have fanboys 

- Hikari didn't grow her hair in part I because she didn't want Sasuke to think that she is a fangirl but she wasn't 

-She have feelings for Sasuke not because of his looks and strength she likes him because who he is and knows that he been lonely and stuffing 

- When Hikari was young, Hikari’s father Yuuki always treat her like a princess (like he brought her gifts also he gave her the ribbons for her head because he thought that it fit her lot which it does and other things).

- Scent: Cherry Blossom and Vanilla

-Beside her hobbies, Hikari enjoy watching moon and stars

-Hikari’s favorite flower is cherry blossom

- Favorite Word: “Hope”

-Hikari’s creator chosen her name “Hikari” because the creator was listened to the song, “Hikari” by Hikaru Utada which it the theme song for the video game Kingdom Hearts. Also that it was from two of the creator’s favorites characters from different anime are Hikari/Dawn from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Hikari Yagami/Kari Kamiya from Digimon Adventure. 

-Hikari’s birthday have share the same birthdate as her creator.

-Hikari’s bangs was inspired by both Kairi and Xion from Kingdom Hearts.

-The ribbon on Hikari’s hair was the creator’s idea to make it looks cute on Hikari because it remind the creator of Minako Aino from Sailor Moon which it her childhood anime which it inspired her.

-Hikari wears the mixture of Chinese and Japanese clothes because her mom’s family wearing the traditional Chinese clothes while her father’s family wearing traditional Japanese clothes.

- Theme Song (General):Eien no Kagayaki by AiM, I Wish by Ai Maeda (AiM), Snow by Minami Kuribayashi, Only the Night Sky Knows by Kaori Asoh, Hinagiku by Keiichi Okabe & MONACA, Luminous by ClariS and Amicae carae meae by Yuki Kajiura

Theme Song (Battle): Akiramenaide by AiM, Beautiful Blaze by Minami Kuribayshi and I look at the sky because You are there by Kaori Asoh

Theme Song (Romance): Katomoi by Mayumi Iizuka, Theme of Love by Nobou Uematsu, Kagayaki no Mukou by Atsuko Enomoto, Tsuki no Akari by Megumi Ida and Still I love you... (Surface Version) by Minami Kuribayashi

-Hikari wearing the headband on her neck like Hinata 

-Hikari likes flower beside cherry blossom which it inspired her with the techniques with flowers 


-Before Hikari was create, her creator researched online to get the ideas which the Japanese folktale about Snow woman aka Yuki-Onna inspired her that lead to created Hikari along her jutsu with Ice release.

Hikari Yukimura Bio Information
Finally I finished it I had been working really hard on this for 2 and half months writing really detail and improve the information for my Naruto OC Hikari Yukimura so 

enjoy reading it and that the outfits will be there soon don't worry about it

Hikari Yukimura (c) Me aka :iconhikariyukimura:

This is my old Hikari Bio Information

Detailed Naruto OC template (c) :iconzombiechocolate:

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Credit on jutsu:……

*Update 4/23/16*
I add more stuff and fix a little of it and that I add Hikari's brother in it also I changed Hikari's mom name from Fumiko to Mitsuko

*Update #2 1/20/17*
I decided to take off the ideas of Hikari having a brother cause I almost forgot about him but I have to rid of the Hikari's brother ideas for the best and I changed Hikari's grandmother's name from Hitomi to Akemi along Hikari's bloodline name too


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