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Discord: Wow... Your errant armours doesn't tolerate an innocent joke.

Celestia: They are guards Discord, they need to be serious in their work 

Discord: Well then, told them that they have to stop calling me "noodle"... I have heard them when I'm wandering around without being seen

Celestia: Oh come on, it's cute!, you are my dear and cute noodle  ~ :heart:

Discord: Now you too? Curious I didn't know you had that sense of humor, so, so.... Like a... Draconequus

Celestia: Pff really? We've been married for a while, and you haven't seen my prankster side? I'm more than what you know love, and sooner or later you will know that side of mine...

 We'll see, Tia, we'll see...

-- Some days after--

Discord: Helloo my fine lady ~

Celestia: *reading* Hello my lovely noodle

Discord: Hehe you keep calling me like that hu?

Celestia: Mmmhhmm

Discord: Well then... *preparing magic* 

Celestia: Hmm? 

Discord: *launches spell turning Celestia into a draconequus* HA! there you go Tia!! Who is the noodle... *Look's at her* ... n...now... o//////o

Celestia: ... what you did to me?... *Look's at her paws*... oh... Wow... did you turn me into a draconequus?!

Discord: Y-yeah...........

Celestia: ..... It feels weird...

Discord:You look hot...

Celestia: What?

Discord: NOTHING!!

This came from the ideas that you guys give me when I ask you to give me ideas for some Discord x Celestia stuff XD
the idea was from a comment of: INVIIZZIBLE
I love the the idea of Discord turning Celestia into a draconequus XD 
(I know the dialogues are bad though...)
But whatever :'3

I will pick more ideas that you give me in that status because I really like many of them  :happybounce: 

Hope yoy like guys! :heart:
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Riverfox237Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh MAN I LOVE your design for her draconequus form! I'm very hit or miss on draconequus designs, a lot of them feel unbalanced to me, but this does a wonderful job of being varied yet tying back into her general color scheme. Excellent job!
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hikarivinyStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!! <3
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Like it I love end discord is wrong Celestia looks incredible it doesn't matter what you looks like 
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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist
She's so pretty; I think Discord thinks that Celly is hot! :)
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D : SURPRISE GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  SURPRISE! 
D : Yes miss me ?
C : How can we miss a Evil Monster like you !
D : On my Celestia, you hurt my poor felling you have no idea how hard to be a monster like me...
C : It's won't be simple...
D : Yes I know...but I can !
C : Wait...NO *clap**poof* (turn into a draconequus)
D : Now you know how........how.......god......wow.....o////o
C : What...what did you do to me !
D : mmm...o/////////o
C : Discord ? 
D : I...I...muss go...*clap**poof* (return Celestia to a pony)
C : What ? ...what wrong with him ?
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Oooooh fluttershy watch out!
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Rand-dumsHobbyist General Artist
Holy Crow! She's so elegant and Pretty!
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HannahArtisticHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooohhh mmyyyyLlama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4] 
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Starfeather136Hobbyist Writer
This is so cute, keep it up!
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cannverse123Hobbyist Artist
What animal part is the green leg?
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Oixie-patters116Student Digital Artist
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cannverse123Hobbyist Artist
Oixie-patters116's avatar
Oixie-patters116Student Digital Artist
What does that mean?
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cannverse123Hobbyist Artist
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Oixie-patters116Student Digital Artist
Oh ok ^^
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Wow, she does XD
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Pretty! However, Discord's planning hot Draconequus sex for the two of them and Celestia's probably curious xD
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LucySweetie19Student Artist
She look so  beatiful *-*
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khadijahotakuHobbyist Digital Artist
shes pretty cool looking 
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Swif-04Hobbyist General Artist
Well, Celestia as a draconaquus is actually v pretty but like oml
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