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I finally did the meme.. ( u w u )  I just like to put it in my journal for a while though. I am also finally fully recovered. Hurrah.

Da Vinci Fella (Artists)  COMMISSIONS:

Commissions is one of my source of income, if you like my art and want to keep on supporting, you may give me commissions! it would really mean a lot and it would truly help. :happybounce: 


Bullet; Pink PRICE CHART:

Bullet; Pink Terms of Agreement:

Bullet; Blue December 5 - 31
1. Yoann Bourse: Steven Universe w/ Burger bag, Shield and Rainbow Nails. Style B Fullbody (DONE)

2. :icontalysalankil: 2 OC Style B, Half B. (PAID)

3. :icontakaginaosama: Confidential (PAID)

Bullet; Pink February 7 - 28

1. :iconkumijo: 2 Kemonomimi Chibi, Style A (PAID)





Fridays and Saturdays can be a time for me to design my products. Everything may depends. 
If you have a deadline, I will take priority but I suggest no deadline. ( u w u''') I'm a bit slow.

1. open
2. open
3. open

 Actuary fella (Works) MONTHLY FUND GOAL: 

Due to me not being able to operate my patreon yet (or will even have a chance of success doing patreon) I decided to do a Monthly Fund Goal, which is basically my ideal goal for monthly income, some of these funds will go to spend for new equipment, maintenance, improvements of arts and daily necessities that is needed to be paid for. In short, my livelihood.

Sometimes there will be items that is needed to be funded for a reason in terms of priority. 

Fund Goal: $500

Fund Item:

Item reviews from independent cosplay shops!
As you know, I am also part cosplayer :iconprezi-chan: 

So here is an Item that I have been interested with.

Item from Kurokami Katsura
 (Tamamo Cat Wig) I really want to try a customized style wig than just a brand from taobao.…
Kurokami Katsura specialized for styling wigs and I would really love to support his works, techniques and creativity. 

Headset with Mic
Equipment necessity especially on contacting people or if i would make a recording someday for future works.

Dual screen
To make my work space a lot easier and faster. Especially on Digital Art.

Sofa set! Found out that the Sofa Set in my old house is pretty old.. and at some point, seems to be creaky and the foam on it are pretty flat-ish, it's not as comfortable foam. So it's  either I replace the Uratex or buy a new Sofa set...This will be  gift to my family as well. ^_^ I want them to have a deserving sofa to be comfortable to sit with or sometimes, nap. hahahahha

This one is for my Photography need, I am very fond of photography for a very long time, the problem is.. I don't have steady hands, When i was a child, I used to have very shaky hands, fortunately when i draw and paint, i don't shake too much.. Only when I lift things up and once my Camera is pretty heavy (Every DSLR anyways) I just could't keep things steady and just creats too much tension and frustration for me. It would be nice to have a Tripod for a change, It would also help a loton cosplay photography and astro photography that i have been working on.


 fella thinking ( Reactions ) WANT TO GIVE MORE SUPPORT W/O COMMISSION?   

Points D.A. Points Donation (This will only go for my D.A. Core funds.)

Can't purchase any of my arts and so on? you are free to buy me a coffee~ <3 
By giving a donation, you are helping me live. Literally.
I would be happy for your generosity. Much hearts and much love. 
For Every coffee of the month, I will post yer names on FB page To express my thanks!
Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook 

The Customer fella (Works)  SHOPS!!!
Check them out!

My Red Bubble:…
My Society 6:


[Unofficial] Fan book: Miku39 Illustrations (PDF)

[Unofficial] Fan book: Miku39 Illustrations by Hikarisoul2

This art book contains Illustrations of the idea of how miku can sing in different varieties of song genres. 
The Fan book also contains an Exclusive Art that is only available for people who have purchased the PDF file.

By purchasing, you are able to help me earn materials for cosplay and art equipment! 

 You may also purchase them Individually if there are only a few artworks that you are interested in.  

Which you may visit here:…


Party 1000 likes Art Give away! 

I have over 500+ likes on facebook and i was thinking, hey, why not give a giveaway on your 1000 likes? Cause it's a milestone so why not! <3 Help me reach 1000 likes too. It will really help to have more supporters. This is also a BIG THANKS to all of my supporters too. :D (Big Grin)

Previous give away:…

Don't miss out on the fun!

ART GIVE AWAY by Hikarisoul2

Green Heart Icon SUPPORT FOR FREE?Green Heart Icon
  Llamas are always free  
   So are following me at my social media    
 Share my works with credits 

 Facebook Facebook page: 

you can like my page, share my work (with credit of course) and message me your encouragement letters. :D (Big Grin) we can all paaaaarrrttyy by commenting on my works also in FB.

Twitter  Twitter
You can follow me on my twitter for more item updates and what not. You may support by Retweeting or simply reply to my tweets!

 Tumblr Icon Tumblr
You can also follow me on Tumblr If you are more active there. you may Repost or even leave a message, you are awesome.
There is also an "Ask me stuff" Segment, so if you wanna ask, let me know.

thank you and have a nice day.
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February 12, 2017