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You can order this print right now at Chaldea PH Fanbook
This print is not sold individually for this is a contribution to the collaboration.

Also I will be working on a comic called PEACHTERTAINMENT! This October. 

Writer fella (Artists) PERSONAL:

If you guys had noticed on my twitter and FB.. I had been diagnosed on Acid Reflux.. Not only that, I went through stress and slight depression (more of an overwhelming sadness and loneliness.. also lack of motivation) during the 2nd week of september. It made me feel collapsed and my body weak which is not pleasant, it last for a couple of days until i regained my health. Not only that, it affected my sleep, my anxiety, my motivation.. The pressure from home, work and then financials ate me terribly. So my stomach.. went bonkers and when stomach go bonkers, whole body is affected. 

So now I am trying to lighten my work load so that it won't happen again, not only that, going through convention and going out more for fresh air, be with friends and family who cared about me and after that I felt better and regained motivation. :D Also I am very pleased for people who have been checking up on me and wishing me good health. 

I am eating healthy now, I exercise daily and also eat on time and listen to my doctor's advice.

Mental and Physical health is very important for everybody.. but most of all, people who cared about you (either family or friends, not only just your doctor..) should be there and pay attention/understand you, because LOVE is important too and being cared for makes a big difference.

I had been through several check ups, but do not fret my friends, I will be fine. :)


went through a lot of check ups, apparently i have hypothyroid, but do not fret my friends yet again, I will be okay. i got medicine from the doctor. Kiss 2 

Da Vinci Fella (Artists)  COMMISSIONS:

Commissions is my MAIN source of income, if you like my art and want to keep on supporting, you may give me commissions! it would really mean a lot and it would truly help. 

DO IT FOR THE GROCERIES!!!! Llama Rose Eye Gleam Emoticon 

Pink Heart Icon  CLICK URL FOR COMMISSION INFO!Pink Heart Icon 

Heart SEPT 10 - 30 2017Heart 

1. :icontakaginaosama: 5 chibis / Style A Status: paid 50% down payment/ Deadline: None

Bullet Point 13 OCT. 4 - 31 2017 Bullet Point 13 

1. Louise Mae 1 chibi/ Style A Status: done / Deadline: None

1. open
2. open
3. open

Bullet; Pink Terms of Agreement: 
*might edit some of these terms of agreement*

 fella thinking ( Reactions ) WANT TO GIVE MORE SUPPORT W/O COMMISSION?   

Points D.A. Points Donation (This will only go for my D.A. Core funds.)

  Ko-fi (2017) Icon mini  Ko-Fi Me! Ko-fi (2017) Icon mini 
Can't purchase any of my arts and so on? you are free to buy me a coffee~ <3 
By giving a donation, you are helping me live. Literally.

Also By giving me Ko-Fi I can afford some art materials/ anything I need to prioritize:

1. Hand Mannequin Sample
2. Actual Body Mannequin Sample

I know we live in a digital age but sometimes it doesnt work out.. (my phone has limited apps to actually have and my computer crash.. another thing is i don't like to stare at the screen for far too long cause it hurts.)

3. New Smartphone.

Because i am having tons of problems with my old phone
and there are times.. i have to take off the battery and slap it on again just for it to work. (sometimes it does work and worse case it will not, problem is the screen, it goes black )
it needs to be replaced especially when i need to text and call something important. 

I would be happy for your generosity. Much hearts and much love. 
For Every coffee of the month, I will post yer names on FB page To express my thanks!
Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook 

 Actuary fella (Works) MONTHLY FUND GOAL: 

Fund Goal per month: $250 - $450

The Customer fella (Works)  SHOPS!!!
Check them out!

MY Design by Humans:…

Blower fella (Party)   EVENT:

Party 1000 likes Art Give away! 

I have over 500+ likes on facebook and i was thinking, hey, why not give a giveaway on your 1000 likes? Cause it's a milestone so why not! <3 Help me reach 1000 likes too. It will really help to have more supporters. This is also a BIG THANKS to all of my supporters too. :D (Big Grin)

Previous give away:…

Don't miss out on the fun!
ART GIVE AWAY by Hikarisoul2

 Green Heart Icon SUPPORT FOR FREE?Green Heart Icon
  Llamas are always free  
  So are following me at my social media    
 Share my works with credits 

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October 4, 2017