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pink heart bullet Charity Collaboration with :iconcharity-guild: was a success, we raised 173 Dollars for Make a Wish Foundation and SPCA Animal Shelter! My entry is the Mega Charizard with a Tuxedo. 

  Poke Orchestra: Mega Charizard X with Triangle by Hikarisoul2

pink heart bullet Chaldea PH is on it's way!

It will be available on Cosmania in the Philippines on Sept. 30 to Oct. 1
It have a possibility to be sold international soon. Please click the Chaldea PH link for more info. 

Writer fella (Artists) PERSONAL:

I have been working on a ton for the future of my deviant art page and for myself and I am happy to announce that I am seeing great progress through the month despite the struggles either work related or not, I am still having some past commissions to be done but it seems that I will accomplish to finish them by the end of 1st week of September. 

I am very sorry If I caused troubles on my commissioners. Balancing home duties and work was stressful and needs so much months of adjustment. Fappy Cry There were times my body gets exhausted to the point i need a week off.. or need a week off just to be able to clean the house.. fold laundry and so forth, put some effort on household chores even though I have to focus on my work. Now I am able to balance them just fine and I am glad I did.

There were issues with my hands too, If people paid attention to my FB.. I mentioned that my hands start to feel not well.. No worries, they are doing fine now but I should assure myself to not overwork with my tablet and lighten my grip.

Also constant computer repairs are no fun, now the keyboard is broken, I'm just using a keyboard that is connected by USB.

I will get my commissions done soon and hopefully on future commissions, I will be able to finish them so we can move on wards. 

I have also met :iconartgerm: in person at APCC (Asia Pop Comicon)! I am obviously glad to see him as you can see on my tweets. I didnt only go there just to have a great time but to actually find inspirations to keep me going through my arts.

 I havent been on greatest shape due to.. disappointing circumstances and overwhelming sadness cause of rejections towards some job interviews and resumes .... I was actually on the verge to "QUIT" on drawing.. and look for other job options because I feel incompetent.

But now I dont think I will ever quit on being an artist, an illustrator cause illustration is my job whether I am alone or in a company, I can still feel my worth and i will give myself some pace and not lose what is important right now which is my commission works and original arts. I will not distract myself with overwhelming sadness so, I thank you all who leaves great comments and keeps pushing me through. I had been fighting this for months so it is a total relief.

I am full of motivation now.

Thank you for my commissioners who are bearing with me. I will be done with them soon. 

Da Vinci Fella (Artists)  COMMISSIONS:

Commissions is my MAIN source of income, if you like my art and want to keep on supporting, you may give me commissions! it would really mean a lot and it would truly help. 

DO IT FOR THE GROCERIES!!!! Llama Rose Eye Gleam Emoticon 

Pink Heart Icon  CLICK URL FOR COMMISSION INFO!Pink Heart Icon 

Heart SEPT 10 - 30 2017Heart 

:icontakaginaosama: 5 chibis / Style A Status: Payment pending / Deadline: None


1. open
2. open
3. open

Bullet; Pink Terms of Agreement: 

1 Art = 1 Slot

1. :iconshironics: Fullbody/ Style C Status: Fully paid / Change of Commission plans. 


1. :icontakaginaosama: Full body / Style C Status: Fully paid / Fully Lineart onwards to coloring

 fella thinking ( Reactions ) WANT TO GIVE MORE SUPPORT W/O COMMISSION?   

Points D.A. Points Donation (This will only go for my D.A. Core funds.)

  Ko-fi (2017) Icon mini  Ko-Fi Me! Ko-fi (2017) Icon mini 
Can't purchase any of my arts and so on? you are free to buy me a coffee~ <3 
By giving a donation, you are helping me live. Literally.

Also By giving me Ko-Fi I can afford some art materials I need to prioritize:

1. Hand Mannequin Sample
2. Actual Body Mannequin Sample

I know we live in a digital age but sometimes it doesnt work out.. (my phone has limited apps to actually have and my coomputer crash.. another thing is i don't like to stare at the screen for far too long cause it hurts.)

I would be happy for your generosity. Much hearts and much love. 
For Every coffee of the month, I will post yer names on FB page To express my thanks!
Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook 

The Customer fella (Works)  SHOPS!!!
Check them out!

 My Society 6:
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Party 1000 likes Art Give away! 
ART GIVE AWAY by Hikarisoul2

I want to do a Give away and you guys deserve it. FB INFORMATION

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TEK427 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Eternal Mirage) 

Aww, Prezi, I'm so happy you're doing better! I've felt the urge to quit art and writing many times as well. Due to feeling inadequate or inferior to more skilled artists. It's a feeling that always passes and you can start drawing once again. :D (Although it seems you've already learned that. ^^; )
Hikarisoul2 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, it has been a feeling that i struggle for a long time, which I try to change, cause if I dont, I will waste the only gift I have, the only special thing I have. I dont want to give up the thing that makes me so happy.

Thank you.
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