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Bullet; Blue Due to the Support of my family and friends, I have Finally Accomplished having a Drawing Table, The only challenge and focused goals right now Is Having my own printer. Usually I do my prints at a local printing store, but the problem of that is, I cannot survail the quality of my prints and the outcome, before, I had really great prints at conventions due to their work, fade proof, scratch proof prints.. as years passed, they have decided to change their ink, not only that, after being moved on my hometown at my parent's house, everything to make productions of these things became quite difficult and expensive.  I know there are pretty cool resources here too  but not as plenty... and to travel to some places here is not easiest to come by.

Bullet; Green  So instead, I rather have a printer to do prints at the comfort of my home and to have efficiency. 
I have not own a personal printer, and even if we do have a printer in the house.. It is not technically mine and I need
my own personal one so i can handle the quality and sizing, the only size it manage is A4, but I also want to avail A3 Size printer. 


Bullet; Yellow Also you may have noticed on my twitter, I have been repainting gashapons and other materials
That is because I have been trying for months and months and months.. to go back on my dear beloved hobby.. which is cosplay!
you guys can also support me to jump back on cosplay once again through commissions, ko-fi or even buying my Merch on shops (Which btw, I am revamping some of the items there. especially the BUNBUN)

Though everything needs some time and pacing on producing what i would like to cosplay.. 
Cosplay has been very dear to me, sure some communities get toxic once in a while but, doesn't that happen to any fandom
or hobbies yet? No, it always happen at some point.. and to counter that horrible feeling of such
I rather cosplay in my own space, time and enjoyment and maybe overtime
that may affect other people as well to enjoy what they love to do and 
spread the positivity of such hobby.

PS: I am only going to limit my Commissions into 2 Slots.. I don't want to over fatigue myself. ehehehe.. he  
How to help me fund? By Commissions or Ko-fi

 FUND GOAL for Printer: $380


1. Satomi / Style C / paid / deadline: none
2. open

you can also DONATE points if you like.

1. open
2. open
3. open

Bullet; Pink Terms of Agreement in terms of commission.

       PLEASE SUPPORT       

About Peachtertainment
 1 ko-fi/ 3$ = 1 comic strip or drawing.


If ever donate for the Comic, please type "Comic" 



Bullet; White Hopefully I will also get to fund for a place call my own, Even just a small space would be enough so I can work a bit easier and at peace..especially on my own pace...., being close to the locations I used to go where i get my resources and easier to go to conventions so I can pass out prints (Which is another goal of mine.. to experience selling my prints on an actual place...) cause i don't want to go through fatigues in travelling on important events, in short, for the terms of my convenience. Doing artwork commissions is all I have to be honest, I love it but I don't get money that often.. I am in a place where a job of my degree is almost non existant... I have to get out of my city just to get a job of my degree but I notice, people who interviewed me before take locations of their employees considerably due to not letting their workers to be tardy and so most of us artists do art (especially illustrative artworks) independently..  

 I am too far away to the friends I can relate to....also far away to my beloved which.. sort of make it worse.. he can't even come to where i am due to being far and expensive to travel...  It's sort of sad actually and negative emotions like this is pretty bad, there will be times i get very lonesome that it becomes a part of stress.. and when that happens, i start to loose motivation to draw.. When i get too suffocated by such emotions i forgot to function, i don't know where to go to... nor whom to talk to.. I appreciate the company of my relatives and sibling (in my parent's house) but often times we don't get to talk due to them being busy on the lives of their own... I don't get out much of this house either... there's not much place to go to and sometimes not advised to get out alone due to safety reasons. It made me miss the life I had somewhere, where I am capable of being independent especially through my emotions and health, 

I have Hypothyroidism.... which really does a huge impact on my emotions and motivation and my stamina in activities, that is why i mostly get fatigues and easily over stress, the doctors who handle me on my monthly check up is also far away and travelling from my place can be quite expensive.. It was advised to me to be more active to help my thyroid.. but I don't get active enough because I am stuck and i did not have that much of a choice.... due financial reason (even if my parent deny the idea, I can feel it. ) .... I don't even get to do the hobbies and activities I used to do, just only recently when I am able to... but there is still complications and hassles... so in my end. it's still tough but I try to make the best of it... though getting sick like sore throat for a week and constant fatigues is not helping. In an idea... it's like Rapunzel but i have a loving parent and it's not a tower but a city in a mountain....

Though I would like to see my friends and my beloved more often or at least i have a place to go and interact... and kept myself busy at something i like to do without much of hassle in terms of commute...  I would like to go back to that place.. and live there.. cause that place was the place I went through a journey of independence despite living in someone's roof, still I had the freedom of where to go and what chores to be done, being efficient..  and being open to a world I never knew of. 

As much as I appreciate my parent's help of letting me stay to a relative to that place (The condominium where I used to live in a reason I can be near at my school) once a month everytime I have a monthly check up and to keep myself at bay.

I rather want to help her too by being my own person, being able to earn properly and not to worry about me... I want to be in that location where it's convenient and fitting for me. A place to be happy.... because I know that's what she wished for me and I am sure we are getting there little by little.. and hopefully I dont have to "hang in there a little longer" Anymore. 

I would also want to pay for my parent's vacation, she absolutely deserve that!  


Party 1000 likes Art Give away at HIKARISOUL PAGE

I have over 700+ likes on facebook and i was thinking, hey, why not give a giveaway on your 1000 likes? Cause it's a milestone so why not! <3 Help me reach 1000 likes too. It will really help to have more supporters. This is also a BIG THANKS to all of my supporters too. :D (Big Grin)

If the number drops, It is alright, as long as 1k has reached the Give Away will be unlocked. 

Previous give away:…

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 Share my works with credits 


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