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[RB/Fan Merch] MYSTIC MESSENGER Prt. 1 by Hikarisoul2 [RB/Fan Merch] MYSTIC MESSENGER Prt. 1 by Hikarisoul2

Prt. 2 

[RB/Fan Merch] MYSTIC MESSENGER Prt. 2 by Hikarisoul2

The designs are inspired from the R.F.A. Members!

Yes, I had played Mystic Messenger before, finished yoosung route and never played it again because i have no time for the other routes (Plus.. very loyal to yoosung baby.. ; v  ; ) !!! But I was kept well informed by my friends who have dedicated themselves on their husbando routes.. AHEM! i mean.. their choice of character route. 

Now you guys can have a stylish phone cases while you play MysMe and dedicate yourself on whatever route you have.
<3 and yes.. I wish i can gift myself a Yoosung Throw Pillow.. ( - /// v /// - )

This was supposed to be released at December 31st or Jan 1st but decide to do this early due to me, having to bond with family and prepare for the new year's eve. Holidays are always the busiest time of the year and a chance for me to unwind and bond with my family back home.
There has been some things that I also have to deal with.

PS. This is a fan merchandise, but has been approved by Cheritz.

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