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Love and Affection by Hikarisoul2 Love and Affection by Hikarisoul2
I always think love is beautiful in so many ways.. I want to show that in today's piece, I want to show love, I want to show affection. I want to show a different side of Love that doesn't have to be so explicit, so sexual that has stereotyped LGBT  community. It's not always HAVE to be about sexual act and pleasure all the time when you get into an LGBT relationship, it is something far more SIMPLE.. I want to show something far beyond the exterior of physical show of love.. Which is consent, love, affection and all those things you get in terms of ANYrelationship. I also wanted to show the pain and anguish and the Color of Red is perfect for such presentation.. the presentation of Life of being queer

To be honest.. I find their relationship the most painful in fact, but they keep themselves together because they keep each other alive, they have each other. They are the bravest people I ever known.. 
Sometimes, they hurt so much that they ask themselves.. 

"Was it wrong to Love?" 

To be honest.. the answer is... No,
It was never wrong from the start.

If you guys ask if these are both boys, both girls, to be honest, they can be whatever you think they are..
I wanted to show basic structure cause it just shows.. we are all the same who deserved love and being loved.

Also, I don't think my art is good in a very small canvas. hahahaha XD

rainbow heart Happy Pride Month my Lovely LGBT Friends rainbow heart 
cheers to you.

This is for  Celebrate Pride: Your Art, Our Pride FlagYour art can help inspire change! Choose a color from the Pride flag and use it to create a work of art that will be united into one extraordinary creation.
Celebrate Pride: Share Your Art and Be Part of Our Community’s Pride Flag!
Celebrate Pride: Share Your Art and Be Part of Our Community’s Pride Flag!
June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and DeviantArt is celebrating as a community.  Create art in a rainbow of colors and we'll combine the pieces into one extraordinary Pride flag! 
DEADLINE EXTENDED: We’ve heard that some artists could use a bit more time, so we’ve extended the deadline by 24 hours. Please submit your Pride art by June 11th at 11:59 PM PDT.
I am glad I am able to submit on time. 
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June 10, 2017
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