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[BUN BUN] BUN-O-WEEN by Hikarisoul2 [BUN BUN] BUN-O-WEEN by Hikarisoul2
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Jack O Lantern These Bun-o-ween Buns are not limited so you can purchase them anytime of the year. Jack O Lantern 

Cause Halloween is almost here! so get ready and have some Halloween with these three lovely bun buns! Each of these buns have personalities~ if you adopt them, they will love you forever! mintlove 

I chose stickers because they are cheap, easy to collect and you can't lose them cause you stick it to where you can see them daily!

Back to the Buns!!

Jack-O- Bun Bun, He loves to go outside and jump around the fallen leaves. Not only that, he will accompany you through dark times, either emotionally or literally! many kids are scared but behind that hard pumpkin head, he has a very soft warm heart. He is perfect for adventurous owners as well.

Ghost Bun Bun, He likes to float a lot and love his trick or treat pumpkin pail. He is one happy jolly soul and would love to go home with you.

Witch Bun Bun, she loves to fly on her broom and do her magic but mostly she’s awfully shy. She needs owners who will pet her well and knows that she is loved.

UPDATE: This Bun Bun is also available in different products on Redbuubble. 


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October 26, 2016
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