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Character concept XII: Paint Designs by HikariSilverEye Character concept XII: Paint Designs by HikariSilverEye
I did had a lot of work this week and had to watch over one of the laboratory machines for 72 hrs. Not to say the least, it was extremely tiresome...
To help me get through all that work I made some drawings in my resting time on the laboratory computer. The only drawing software that computer has is paint, so in paint I did draw XD

Now about the pic:

1) Jericho, since it´s always a lot of fun to draw.
Now some of Hikari´s parents. At the current time they´re not alive. They were killed by Jericho during Hikari´s babyhood, in an attempt of Jericho to take Hikari's left eye.
2) Design of Hikari´s mother: Sayuki. I had drew her previously here. I didn´t really change her design, but wanted to settle on her colors.
2) Design of Hikari´s dad: Óscar.
3) Comparison of Hikari and her parents. Hikari takes a lot from her mother, but she gets more of her colors and physical building from her dad.
Then some ideas of Keith´s younger siblings.
4) The third sibling of Keith: Laureen. The most dominant of the Porter siblings, she know what she wants and her drive has led her to be among the highest positions in the empire. She is one of queen Alenka´s Generals, and in times of peace she occasionally serves as one her personal guards.
4) The fourth and youngest of the Porter siblings: Cornell. The only one of the siblings that takes a resemblance to their mother. He´s quite full of himself and the high name of his family does not help to improve this situation. However and unlike his siblings, he does not have nor desires any high ranking position under Alenka´s command. He prefers to live the life of a lone wolf, only caring about himself
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April 3, 2016
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