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water color

Thank you for the comment. I'm sorry for giving a false impression by the insufficient explanation moreover.

This work is not a picture along the original of Lewis Carrol though the title is "Alice".

There is often using Alice's motif for an original work in Japan.

Alice's world is translated as a meaning of "It is lovely", "Mystery", "Girl's world", and "Fantasy" often.
We obtain the idea from Alice's world, conceive freely while using those meanings, and express the work.

One of the themes of my picture is "The adult is a mature child. " though it is not only this picture.
The figure subject that I draw contains all the following meanings. --- adult,Chilrd,woman,man,me,you
In a word, human being.

Because this picture is one of the pictures drawn after that manner, the drawn person is not girl.
The undergarment was not drawn because it is an expression of not the expression of a sexual thing but a mature child.
Moreover, it is neither a girl it is nor a boy. Either element that was able to be specified was lost because it drew as an asexuality. For instance, skirt.
Therefore, I think that I should not restrict this picture as "Sexual picture".

And, the child and the adult come to the gallery and this picture can be seen actually. It is possible to buy it.
It is a strange thing that the thing that can be freely seen by the real world is restricted in the world of the net.

The expression should be free.

If you read this, and understanding of this picture deepens, I am glad.

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art-gallery-todayProfessional Traditional Artist
this is the best watercolor I have ever seen :)
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Bomi-BunProfessional General Artist
"It is a strange thing that the thing that can be freely seen by the real world is restricted in the world of the net.

The expression should be free."

Translation: Because this picture depicting a sexualized child is my form of "expression", this child porn should be "free" for everyone to see. Typical liberal scum filth mindset.
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this is so freaking amazing :') love it so much!
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Oh neat, tentacle porn!
Pharumon's avatar
Oh wait, it's a tail isn't it...
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GaMzEeGuYHobbyist Traditional Artist
Madness does not discriminate and neither does death. Young or old, girl or boy, it's irrelevant. They find us all sooner or later.

Beautiful work by the way, I'm a big fan of Alice's adventures in wonderland and find it incredible that one book based off a nonsensical poem about a terrifying monster can spread to become it's own genre of fictional work.
I love how all the colour blends so well, it feels like a watercolour where every shade bleeds together in unison to create a single refined image
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EuphoricFedoraProfessional Artist
What a sensual photo, I'd love to go down Alice's hole. 
-tip fedora-
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Lovely, moody artwork. The description you placed is very interesting and refreshing.
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MyPetiteCakesStudent Artisan Crafter
wow i can't believe this is watercolor..~
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chie-siekaProfessional Interface Designer
Ive seen this... ive seen thisss but *-* but it's like everytime i see it I just go wowww.
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MYthology1Hobbyist General Artist
This aesthetically charming in a way I can't explain. It is undeniably beautiful.
GeneralHandGrenade's avatar

you just broke my artist block friend this is beautifully fucked up

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LissiKeteStudent Filmographer
This is my most favorite picture on DA
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Eva7917Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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nanali13Student General Artist
i thought it was beautiful from the get-go! the mouth in particular! really lovely!!
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I love your description
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beyourpet General Artist
Hii, I just wanted to let you know that I "featured" this piece on a journal entry of mine: [link]
Hope that is okay! If not, I can remove it.
:heart: ^ - ^ I love your art!
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elijarmanStudent General Artist
pervy, but cute
NoNeedForNames's avatar
Agreed, but technically everyone is.
Oh and yeah I agree it is cute
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elijarmanStudent General Artist
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CameleonttiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely gorgeous piece of art.

I love the way you use watercolours, the background texture and the expression on Alice's face are just stunning. Watching this makes me feel so incredibly dirty... not that I hate it.
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naruto1234556Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love it
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XxRoyalbloodxXHobbyist General Artist
truly beautiful, you have out done yourself :D
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