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CC -  Berlyn Wolff by HikariMiyuki CC - Berlyn Wolff :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 27 7 [CHORUS] The Winter's Tale -World Edition- by HikariMiyuki [CHORUS] The Winter's Tale -World Edition- :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 18 3 Oruganne Yuki version 2.0 Concept art by HikariMiyuki Oruganne Yuki version 2.0 Concept art :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 33 7 UTAU: Version 2.0 by HikariMiyuki UTAU: Version 2.0 :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 68 7 UTAU doodles by HikariMiyuki UTAU doodles :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 46 6 190914 by HikariMiyuki 190914 :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 40 5 260914 by HikariMiyuki 260914 :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 12 2 Daisanne Rei version 2.0 Concept art by HikariMiyuki Daisanne Rei version 2.0 Concept art :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 43 26 Revival by HikariMiyuki Revival :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 34 11 0701 by HikariMiyuki 0701 :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 18 9 UTAU - Fullbody by HikariMiyuki UTAU - Fullbody :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 57 11 Green by HikariMiyuki Green :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 28 6 DoN SS 2012 by HikariMiyuki DoN SS 2012 :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 35 6 Irie Makoto by HikariMiyuki Irie Makoto :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 20 4 BdayGift - Dango by HikariMiyuki BdayGift - Dango :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 40 8 DoN event 2 - Hito Shirezu by HikariMiyuki DoN event 2 - Hito Shirezu :iconhikarimiyuki:HikariMiyuki 25 6

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Chapter 5: Team Rocket Returns
Chapter 5: Team Rocket Returns
There was a huff of annoyance, and it took off down the tunnel. Pikachu bolted after it.
"Come back!" cried Ash, running after it. The rest pursued. They didn't know how long they ran until there was a crash up ahead.
"Ash! Ash, are you okay?!" Lan shouted. They skidded to a halt. A huge gap had appeared in the cave wall, letting in sunlight that almost blinded them. A huge machine modeled after what seemed to be a robot towered over them. In one hand was the pokemon Dingo had been looking for, squeezed against Pikachu in the robot's grip.
"That thing's got Pikachu!" said Ash. "Go! Bulbasaur!" A strange blueish creature with a bud on its back burst out of a pokeball.
"HAHAHAHA!" Part of the robot's head opened, to reveal two people-a boy and a girl- and their cat pokemon.
"Prepare for trouble!" said the girl.
"And make it double," said the boy.
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To den
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 9 7
Megamon chap 4
Chapter 4: Dingo's Goal
Chaud walked slowly down the path, trees on either side. Protoman was being carried in his arms (with legs as small as he now had, it was hard to keep up with the NetOp), and feeling very bitter about his new appearance. They had already crossed through one town and a small forest (nothing dared to challenge them-apparently they'd been taught a lesson before now). Chaud had spotted the next town and had sped up, muttering something about the clouds above them. He stopped short and shifted protoman so he could get out his pokedex and point it at some bushes.
"Jolteon, the lightning pokemon. Jolteon's cells generate a low level of electricity. This power is amplified by the static electricity of its fur, enabling it to drop thunderbolts. When angered, the hairs on Jolteon's body turn into needles that are fired at its opponent."
A spiky yellow and white creature poked its head out of the bushes and blinked at them. A Raichu and several Mareep followed. The Mareep
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 9 8
Megamon chap 3
Chapter 3: Away Again
MegaMan looked up, blinking.  Did Lan had his PET?!
   "Okay, MegaMan!  Water Gun!" Lan commanded.  There was an awkward silence.  MegaMan was waiting for Lan to download the chip so whatever this gun was (probably a Bubbler) could form where his paw now was.
   Lan made no move to do this, just watched him expectantly.  After a minute, MegaMan cocked his head to the side to show he was confused.  Lan seemed just as confused as he was.
   "MegaMan?  You okay?" He asked.  MegaMan nodded.  "Okay.... Water Gun!"  There was still no response.  Lan tried other attacks to see if he’d learned a new attack somehow.  "Sand Attack?  Acid Armor?  Haze?  Mist?  Hydro Pump...?"
   Both blinked at each other.
   "Then let's start with the bas
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 7 7
Megamon chap 2
Chapter 2: Enter ProtoMan
It was, indeed, the dual haired boy.  A Flareon tagged at his heels, snarling.  Could that be ProtoMan?
   "Can I help you?" asked Professor Oak.
   "You're Professor Oak, the Pokemon genius, right?" Chaud asked.
   "Yeah, he is." Tracy answered.
   "I was hoping you could take a look at my Flareon.  He's been acting strangely..." Chaud said nodding at the creature that now walked around his ankles.
   "All right," said the professor, reaching out for the Pokemon.  It arched its back, fur on end as it sizzled.  "Hmm.  Not very trusting, is he?" asked Oak, glancing at Chaud.
   "No, he's not.  And that's helped us several times." Chaud said sarcastically.  MegaMan hesitantly approached the Flareon.
   "ProtoMan?  Is that you?" He asked.  The Flareon smirked.
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 10 15
oe:You're my Master by whitmoon oe:You're my Master :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 121 22 DF: Memory 20th by whitmoon DF: Memory 20th :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 139 37 Rockman DS Line by whitmoon Rockman DS Line :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 134 20
Megamon chap 1
Chapter 1: Confusion
    A pair of liquid black eyes reluctantly opened.  The immediately snapped shut again after contact with the bright light, then inched open once more. The creature moaned.  He felt drained, exhausted, and confused.  He lay upon thick grass, and as he lifted his head, he could see a lake in front of him.
   “Okay, this is wrong...” he thought, watching as a breeze stirred the surface of the water and shifting the position of a lone cloud overhead.  A shout from behind caused him to jump.
   "Hey, MegaMan!" The voice called.
   He looked around.  A brunette boy with chocolate colored eyes and a blue bandana tied round his head stood there.  "I'm right here." He said smiling.
   "Lan!  Lan, thank goodness!  Something weird is going on.  It looks like the human world, and there's no di
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 11 5
Megamon chap 8
Chapter 8: To the Sevii Islands!
Megaman's jaw dropped. A woman with a long black ponytail and green eyes stood in the doorway. She gave them the thumbs-up and said, "Hey, the name's Tamako. Welcome to the Pokemon Daycare Center! Did you want to drop off a pokemon?"
"Tamako! What a beautiful name! Oh my love, please, will you...." Before Misty could make any move to discipline Brock, Tamako pushed him away.
"Sorry, I've already got a boyfriend. Now, do you want us to raise a pokemon or not?"
"Uh, no. We're looking for our friend, Mary," said Ash. Tamako nodded.
"Oh yeah, Mary Towa. She's in the back," said she said. She gestured for them to follow. They trailed behind her as she stepped through the mess of toys on the floor.
"So Tamako got here as well. Do you think she's got Heavymetalman with her?" said Megaman.
"There's no way to tell, unless somebody like that.... what did they call themselves? 'Team Rocket' shows up," said Roll.
"Team what?" said Protoman.
"Two idiots and their pe
:iconslurexe:SlurEXE 5 11
DG : Sketch Blues.exe x Rock.e by whitmoon DG : Sketch Blues.exe x Rock.e :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 126 17 Iceman.exe by RapidPowerBlast Iceman.exe :iconrapidpowerblast:RapidPowerBlast 19 4 .Blues. by RapidPowerBlast .Blues. :iconrapidpowerblast:RapidPowerBlast 144 18 Rokkuman by RapidPowerBlast Rokkuman :iconrapidpowerblast:RapidPowerBlast 47 14 Rockman: by RapidPowerBlast Rockman: :iconrapidpowerblast:RapidPowerBlast 114 15 Rock 'n' Roll by RapidPowerBlast Rock 'n' Roll :iconrapidpowerblast:RapidPowerBlast 169 16




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