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Daily Deviation
October 15, 2008
Valkyrie Winter by ~hikarikun
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Valkyrie Winter



Well i keep seeing Valkyries in paintings n popular culture n they r all babes in proper dresses n stuff... n oh so supermodel-y. So this is my version.

I have already drawn a bnw Valkyrie b4 n this is like an update to that older deviation.

To summarize the concept, Valkyries r ppl who visit battlefields for the dead n dying, n therefore I associated them with the theme of ravens n crows. I wikied it up n viola, apparently that was the original Norse interpretation too, n their steeds were actually wolves, not horses (Wiki said this was the Norse way of giving meaning to the wolves n ravens that scavenge the battlefields). Her main weapon is the spear (which is broad enough to slash as well as stab) and the solely sword is for close quarter combat.

I tried to make the Valkyrie as hot as possible cos when they r not busy ferryin ppl to Valhalla they would b waitin on the heroes in Valhalla, so good looks would b much appreciated by them dead fellows i bet.

Hhmmm i chose a winter sunset feel cos it feels Norse and it feels like and ending.
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I love this. Both the final outcome of the picture (Perspective/technique/content) but also the historical accuracy that you put forth in making the picture. There's just something about a picture when it sticks true to its roots. I was also digging up abit about Valkyrie and was barely able to find anything about the Wolf mount thing.