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The Passing of Childhood
I remember the day I met her, as if it had happened yesterday.
My toy line had been a complete failure. The fillies didn't want a Smarty Pants doll; they wanted brightly colored princesses with manes you could brush and lots of accessories. We watched in envy as the other toys got sold, and dreamed of the adventures they could go on, adventures that we would never experience. We all knew it was a matter of time before we would all be simply thrown out.
"Mommy! Mommy! Can I have one?" The voice of a young filly begged. I peeked over the other toys to see what she wanted. A very young purple unicorn sat on the floor,  cradling  another Miss Smarty Pants doll. Even though I knew that we were all just as likely to get picked up as any other toy, I still seethed with jealousy all the same.
"Not now Twilight." The mother answered gently, using her magic to put the doll back on the shelf. The little filly pouted, but didn't put up anymore of a fight, letting her mother
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I was the ebb and the flow.
I wondered what stories I leave behind on the rocks.
I heard the whispered tales the raindrops tell.
I saw light waves scatter and break at my surface.
I wanted to trickle into the euphoric oblivion.
I was the ebb and the flow.
I pretend a storm is rolling in.
I feel the searing heat of the Sahara sun.
I touch a memory, the icy fingers of a passing glacier.
I worry about what comes after the flow.
I cry at the sound of my own extinction.
I was the ebb and the flow.
I understand that I too shall reach the end.
I fear it anyways.
I dream of old days, filled with merry boats and cheery passengers.
I try to approach death with dignity, as my last drop dries.
I hope futilely for the rain to save me.
I was the ebb and the flow.
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 1 0
Flight Training by HikariAkai Flight Training :iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 2 0 Who are you? by HikariAkai Who are you? :iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 0 3
Stand Alone Strips
How Big, Mom?
Mom and Terry are texting
Mom: terry can u get ur father? I need to talk to him
Terry: hes kinda busy rite now.
Mom: Well tell him it's a HUGE dick!
Terry: lol how big is it mom
Mom: This may be the biggest dick in our lives rite now. Its REALLY important!(reads previous text) OMG I MEANT DEAL!!!
Woo-Hoo-Hoo Hon-AHHHHHH!!!!!!
Terry and family are all riding in the car together, dad is driving
Terry: Dad, we are NOT listening to this song.
Dad: Oh come on! You love this song!
Terry: Yeah, but you cannot listen to this song without dancing. This song made us swerve into a canyon and got us stuck for two weeks in the wilderness! THIS SONG TRIED TO DROWN ME IN A RAMPAGING TORENTIAL RIVER OF DOOM! I CAN NEVER LOOK AT A RIVER AGAIN WITHOUT WHIMPERING IN AGONIZING AND CRIPPLING FEAR, BECAUSE OF THIS FUCKING SONG!
(Awkward silence, while Terry glares at Dad)
Dad: … (starts quietly singing)"you're the one that I want!"
(hits car in front of him)
Mac User, More like Mac Whore
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What Evil Looked Like
I was born in a smiling house
With a white picket fence
And a guard at the door
Where Mama whistled cheerily while she made me a sandwich
And Papa came home, laughing
Playing with me before even changing his bloody uniform
One day, Papa solemnly took me to work
And told me I needed to know what evil looked like.
Evil was behind a looming metallic fence
As a little girl, covered in dirt and naked.
I thought I could see her entire skeleton
Her huge hollow eyes bore right into mine
All life drained out
All but a spark of hate and fear.
I asked Papa what made them evil
He sneered. "They were born evil"
I cried.
How terrible it must be to be born evil
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Without the Paper
Before the paper, I was a mute
Smiling meekly at the world
I searched for the perfect words to say
And the conversation died before I could find them
When I found the paper
The words came out, naturally
Suddenly, my emotions were visible
Suddenly my words had meaning!
And I was praised, artistic, even!
Eloquence came naturally, every phrase just right
From the very beginning
However, when the paper doesn't work
I become mute again
Staring at the page, agonizing
Somehow, between my head and paper, I had lost the words
In my thoughts so meaningful, on the paper so trite
And the words are left, racing around in my head
Begging me to give them a voice of some kind
But without the paper
They can only drive me mad, until they exhaust themselves
And wither away, unheard and swept away like dust
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Characters: Forten ni Fones
Forten is a very interesting character, one that I rarely use as a main character. I have never written from the perspective of a character that I've disliked so much, yet I've found this character incredibly fascinating at the same time.
Forten ni Fones is from the planet Eviraton, which means that Forten is without a gender or sex. Forten also has the appearance of a child, but is really at least twenty.
Forten is a very goal driven person. Forten has wanted to go into space for as long as Forten can remember, and will go to any lengths to accomplish this. Like most Eviratonists, Forten is very uncomfortable with things that are strange, but unlike most, Forten isn't concerned with affecting society, and will change it if that is what it takes to go into space. However, Forten knows what happens to people who upset the balance, and so takes great care not to deviate from the norms of society.
Forten had selected being a missionary for Peace (see other post about the setting) because
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 0 0
'Space story'
The story itself, which I'm currently calling "the space story", is fantasy, with the skin of a sci-fi. It is a bleak dystopic story about a crew who is assigned to search for four of their former crew members who mysterious disappeared a few years before. The series is told through the perspective of Forten ni Tumnuse, and focuses on Forten and their 3 friends; Tenebre ni Hiem, Alae ni Aesta, and Sereta ni Vera, who are all from the planet Eviraton (if you know any Latin, you're probably having a heyday with these names) and the early part of the story focuses on the struggle they have to go through to join the crew they eventually will, which is currently the part I'm most interested in at this moment.
The planet Eviraton is one that has made world peace its most important priority, and has gone to extreme lengths to do so. Long ago, it was decided that differences and immorality was what was caused all the problems of the world, so they sought to eradicate all of that through geneti
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Snow Day by HikariAkai Snow Day :iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 0 0
1.The Seeker and the Dreamer
I am the seeker and the dreamer
I wonder if the ocean is as beautiful as in my dreams
I hear the whispered tales the raindrops tell
I see the light waves scatter about and around
I want to fly forever and rest never
I am the seeker and the dreamer
I pretend to wear a skin that's not my own
I feel the searing heat of the Sahara sun
I touch the icy fingers of a passing glacier
I worry that I shall never learn to fly with my own wings
I cry at the sound of my own extinction
I am the seeker and the dreamer
I understand that roots take time to grow
I say that every route deserves to be pursued
I dream that I am the eternal wind
I try to reach out for the world from my small corner of it
I hope I one day reach it
I am the seeker and the dreamer
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 0 0
The Child and the Dolphin
It's in her blood
They say, as I run through the sea
Like a fish, but with a smile
Even as I trip and fall
On the sandy shore, the beach,
Buried in the sand, two toes deep
The old ones laugh, the wrinkles deep
Failing to see the blood
On my hands, on the beach
And the tears, a sea
Of them, down my face falling
And fading away my smile.
But the pain soon recedes, and the smile
Returns, for in the water, two feet deep
A playmate, amused by my fall
Curiously draws near, lead by the smell of my blood.
The silky roamer of the sea
Far too close, unnatural, to the beach.
I lead her, teasingly, to the beach
And, I swear it, she smiled
With her beak, then sailed away into the sea
Drawing me further into the deep
Teasing as I did, with my blood
Dripping, onto her soft skin falls.
With a cry, the dolphin fell
Into the depths, towards the beach
Where a calf, head full of blood
Lay, and no more it smiled
No longer swimming in the deep
On land, but not where it belonged,the sea.
The old ones
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 2 5
'I think my heart...'
I think my heart has forgotten to love.
Was it a long broken trust
A memory, covered in dust
Or none of the above?
The reason, I know not of.
When will my heart bust
And to whom my heart I entrust?
Oh, such romance I dream of!
But such love is a dream of a dream.
So try even not, my dear
For none my soul will teem
Unless you are sincere
And can hold my heart at the seam
Removing all my painful fears
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 0 0
Blue Rose
Blue rosebud, sad yet sweet,
Softly brushed by an angel's wing,
Chanting a Latin verse with a mermaid's tongue
That no one can hear
The Sphinx stops to ask a question  
That only the dead know the answer to
But she asks anyways
She doesn't want to be the only one
And God watches his creation wilt
Omnipresent and unmoving
And demon's blood dyes blue petals red
While screaming for mercy
Clawing their way to heaven in shame
A young girl rips petals from her blue bloom
Hoping for a minute of affection
(A cheap drunken one, at least)
And red roses hollow and wilt
Leaving a dead garden behind
And the blue rose is choked
By the roots of the rest
And God watches, omnipresent
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Language Barrier
   I think the wall between us had always been there, from my very first memory of her.
   I remember, when I was seven years old, her knocking at the door of our Costa Rican countryside home. When Papi answered the door, he just stood and stared, incredulous. He hadn't seen her in five years.
   They started talking, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. My brother, Miguel, wrapped his arms protectively around me, glaring at the woman at the door. "Come on, hermanito, let's go," he whispered, and pulled me with him out the back door. We walked through the dry crackling grass, his hot hand firmly holding mine, making it very sweaty. We walked forever it seemed, in silence. It wasn't until the sky starts glowing orange, and we started walking back home that I asked him, "Miguel who was that lady?"
He didn't answer me for a long time. Finally he replied, "Just a mean old liar, Mickey." I didn't ask him anything else about her, and w
:iconhikariakai:HikariAkai 1 1
The Family's Fall
Once upon a time was there
A lonely broken soul
No matter how hard she tried
Her life was filled with strife
No childrens laughter in her home
No love was in there too
Her own family would just keep
Hurting her again
She kept trying wanting to
Have a happy home
But no matter how hard she tried
They wouldn't love her back
She tied a rope around her neck
And her world was finally still.
Once upon a time was there
A selfish and young man
He couldn't see past his own self
Out to others souls
All he did was hurt all
Those who were close by.
Many people tried so hard
To make him understand
But he would close his ears and eyes
To reason and insight
Until he was all alone
Cause he just couldn't love.
Once upon a time was there
A selfish bratty girl
She believed she was the only one
Who felt pain in her life
Frustrated and full of hate
She took all of it out
On the people who cared most for her
Wanting them to die
Then one day she got her wish
One day, they died.
She pushed them over the edge
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Odette Nouveau by kishokahime Odette Nouveau :iconkishokahime:kishokahime 916 24 Thumbelina Nouveau by kishokahime Thumbelina Nouveau :iconkishokahime:kishokahime 533 15 Malta Nouveau by kishokahime Malta Nouveau :iconkishokahime:kishokahime 286 27 just a dream? by konsensya just a dream? :iconkonsensya:konsensya 1,527 138 Rise Of The Guardians - Sandy and Jack by ispan0w0 Rise Of The Guardians - Sandy and Jack :iconispan0w0:ispan0w0 1,729 138 KB - Ronaldo Genius of Science - work in paint by ziki-zai KB - Ronaldo Genius of Science - work in paint :iconziki-zai:ziki-zai 20 0
HarvFinn, Needs title Ch 2 (Good Intent)
Harv once again found himself in the same blue vacuum of space. Paper stars now hung in the air, perhaps it was night. Did dream worlds even have a night and day? It was then Harv realized he was alone. For once he wasn't being pestered by his subconscious. It had worked! He didn't have to worry about his soul again. Faintly he heard a disgruntled quack. With reluctance, he walked across the room. It seemed endless as he passed row after row of yellow paper stars. Eventually, he reached the source of the noise.
'Curse you dog!' The duck flapped angrily at a floating image of a puppy. 'You've ruined everything! All that progress- poof! Gone.' It glared at the puppy, which smiled vacantly. Harv shifted uncomfortably in the bizarre silence. 'You take that back vile fiend!' Another pause. 'How dare you! You have no idea the trouble you've caused.' Harv backed away slowly. Now would be a good time to wake up.

+ o +
Harv happily doodled on his desk. For the first time in a long time,
:iconworldismyne:worldismyne 13 11
HarvFinn, Needs title
Chapter One: The Well
Harv sat in a small wooden chair, he glared at the small figure before him. He was trapped here, in an endless dimensional space. Blue stretched as far as the eye could see. It was neither warm nor hot, the light came from no source. Other than himself, the chair, and his reluctant company; there was nothing.
'Go away.' He glowered.
'I can't.' A small green duck quacked. 'You still haven't gone on your journey.' The duck had persistently appeared in his dreams for two years. When it had first arrived, he had been deeply concerned; now it was just annoying. He was perfectly content with the way things were in his life and even though it was his subconscious; he wouldn't give it the pleasure of watching him fold. But he couldn't make it go away until he went on A Magical Journey of Self Discovery. So he simply glared at it instead.
'Not going to happen.'
'But Harvey-'
'No.' He crossed his arms in defiance.
'You won't feel better until you do, Harvey.' The duck sa
:iconworldismyne:worldismyne 18 15
KB - BradxGordie - The Beauty and The Beast by ziki-zai KB - BradxGordie - The Beauty and The Beast :iconziki-zai:ziki-zai 28 3 Slash Guardians by irosyan Slash Guardians :iconirosyan:irosyan 725 89 WU - Older FinnHarv by MitarashiBoi WU - Older FinnHarv :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 60 18 An Autumn Night by JitterbugJive An Autumn Night :iconjitterbugjive:JitterbugJive 606 82 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by JitterbugJive Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde :iconjitterbugjive:JitterbugJive 1,261 101 Friendship is Stupid by worldismyne Friendship is Stupid :iconworldismyne:worldismyne 7 0 So Halloween by michielynn So Halloween :iconmichielynn:michielynn 45 5 Playground by SachaKalis Playground :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 3,871 129



I am a poet, simply put. I dont have any artistic abilities but I do write poetry

Personal Quote: A poem is a snapshot of emotion


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