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Katara : Morning stretch

EDIT: Sorry guys, I had forgotten the last step of the drawing, just changed some thing in the colours.
Finaly it's done! Something I can actually post here! I'm so proud of this one! You can download for more details, the image is pretty huge.. The one for download is half the size I used to actually paint it.

I hope this is the beggining of a serie I plan on doing. It's going to involve the Gaang doing natural things, like stretching in the morning - this is the case. This is how I picture Katara stretching after waking up and before starting training... Nothing more natural than bending right? Even though she's a little older, some habits (like her hair) never die hehehe

I hope you like it! Please leave a comment if you do ;) You can also check the process here

PS: DO NOT POST IT ANYWHERE WITHOUT CREDIT. If you want to you can reblog this post! on tumblr!

Need to credit :iconaquasixio: here too, this guy's tutorials are amazing!! Don't forget to check it out!
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This is absolutely fantastic. Beautiful work. I love pieces where they're playing with the elements.
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Thank you! I'm really happy you like it c: In fact I wanted to do something of the sort with all the Gaang but I didn't have the time yet =/ But I'm feeling this is going to be the year haha
Again, thank you for the support!
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i uploaded a fiction that this picture reminded me of (i wrote it before seeing your piece)
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Well I can't talk for everyone - I'm not obsessed with Katara myself, nor with any character for that matter, even though I have my faves, am a fan of Kataang and I, making it clear that this is MY PERSONAL opinion, can't see them in others ships but again that's just me. Quite frankly I don't even try to keep up with the fandom or with people's opinion but anyway...

I think she's a character just as valid as any other in the series. For me, the beauty of the show is how each one had their own demons to figure out and fight throughout the series. You can't compare different backstories, after all they are responsible for building up each character individually, giving each one of them strong traits and preparing them to face their losses, fears and destiny differently. I don't see how you can expect them to be ready from the beginning. That's why you have character growth, which is obvious in every case you mentioned above and in many others. Maybe not so much in Iroh's case (although you can still very much see it) because he's way older than the main cast, which are just children with a bit too heavy of a burden to carry every single time, and that's precisely why he's portraited as a symbol of wisdom and balance.

As for Katara I don't share your point of view. I fail to see a bunch of things you've mentioned and some I actually see as good attributes, even being acknowledged as such by other characters in the show. I could direct to everything you've mentioned one at a time, but I sincerely don't see why I should do that. I don't want to change your view of her and obviously by the way you presented yourself you are not really interested on what I'd have to say anyway. Now I'm sorry if she reminds you of someone you don't like but that's no reason to be rude. Thankfully ATLA is an open show and each viewer can relate to the characters on different levels and feel whatever they want towards them. Let's just be respecful to one another, have constructive conversations about our opinions and not spread the hate ;)

As a final advice I'd suggest that if you don't like Katara just don't search for her. You'd be a lot happier and also however likes her too.
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Thank you so much!
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This looks amazing! Love the concept and her pose. 
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Thanks a lot" I'm glad you liked it :heart:
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I absolutely love the coloring and shading and background and just
It looks amazing. xD  Awesome job!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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You're very welcome c:
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This is so gorgeous!!! :la:  
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Holy shit. That background is gorgeous.
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Haha I'm really glad you liked it x) Thanks for the fave!
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