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Shelley, the Moonwitch

Shelley Breaker/Stein from my Soul Eater fanfic "Newly Sewn" (not yet posted on

Aliases: "the Moonwitch"
Age: between 16 and 17 (although she looks and acts younger)
Race: Witch "Resonator"
Height: 4' 8"
Likes: her father, rubix cubes, plants and animals, watching the natural world, playing the saxophone, drawing, collecting stones, feathers, leaves, shells, and insect wings, asking questions, reading
Dislikes: being stared at, high temperatures, being punished for reading, being accused of things she didn't do or intend, being poked
Personality: eager to learn and to please those she cares about, shy and suspicious of people she doesn't know well, protective, insightful, dangerous when the madness takes hold

Shelley is the daughter of Professor Franken Stein and a girl called Justine Breaker who he slept with as a form of experimentation after Spirit married Maka's mother. At first, Justine was attracted to Stein, but after she realized that this was another experiment for him and the barely controlled madness lurking inside, she fled Death City. Neither she nor Stein knew that Justine was pregnant.

Shelley was raised by her mother far away from Death City. She tried to find out more about her father, but Justine discouraged such questions, often violently. Shelley inherited Stein's interest in the natural world and some of his madness, but it was channeled more towards observation, rather than dissection. Any hints of interest in science or the dreaded word "dissection" would send Justine into a rage and Shelley learned to keep her interests to herself. On top of dealing with her inherited madness and her mother's unpredictable temper, Shelley also began to develop witch-powers, driving her and her mother deeper into hiding, away from the eyes of the DWMA.

But they can't hide forever. When Asura shows up in their town, all hell begins to break loose...

Behind Her Name:

"Shelley" is a reference to Mary Shelley, the author of the novel Frankenstein.

"Justine" is a reference to the nanny of the little boy William who is killed in the book by Frankenstein's monster. Justine is accused of William's murder and hanged.

"Breaker" is for the breaking of minds, rules, and boundaries that Shelley often ends up doing throughout the story.

Shelley the Moonwitch (c) to me
Soul Eater (c) Atsushi Okubo
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