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Otakon 2010 - Ishizu Ishtar

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Otakon 2010

Ishizu Ishtar (Battle City outfit) from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Katana (~Hikari-Katana)

Dress and head cloth (off-white bed sheet), belt (gold ribbon from the Hobby Lobby and self-stick velcro), wrist/arm/leg bands (gold ribbon, gold thread, and self-stick velcro), random dangly bits (gold string and 6 Christmas ornaments from the Hobby Lobby spray-painted gold), gold sandals (Dollar General), hair tubes (cardboard tube, duct tape, and gold spray paint), the Millennium Necklace, Headdress, and Breastplate (Model Magic, wire, gesso, gold spray paint, cardboard, and two green stones from the Hobby Lobby.)

I thought that Ishizu's headdress would be insanely hard to make, but it turned out to be fairly easy, as long as you make it in layers. MODEL MAGIC IS MY FRIEND! For more detailed information on how I made them, check out my Cosplay.com account [link] I'll be posting WIPs soon! The costume was also pretty comfy and great for Baltimore summer temperatures, although the arm and leg bands kept falling down. The Breastplate is not in this picture because I broke it the first day.

I used the Millennium Tauk and Headdress made by ~arahith as a reference.

Photo taken by ~katyacarminis on Friday in the Fountain Room. (God, my hair is SO BUSHY!)
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omg, i saw u there XD
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The necklace can tell the future...but her lottery numbers never come up
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Hikari-KatanaHobbyist General Artist
Alas, no. (I really wish they would though!)