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Lyra Whitefall Palgrave

Lyra Whitefall Palgrave is from my Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D fanfics (not yet posted on She is a crossover for both universes.

Age: 1000 at the time of Hellsing, 11,000 at the time of Vampire Hunter D. Appears to be 24.
Height: 5' 7"
Species: Dhampir
Occupation: Hunter, leader of Caldera Village (Hellsing), leader of the Rimono (Vampire Hunter D)
Likes: reading, horses, history, folk dances, music, crafts, the ocean, the forest, traveling
Dislikes: bigots, waste, short-sighted people, hypocrisy, snakes, Turks, Nazi's, D's father
Personality: calm, understanding, proud, protective, devoted to those under her care, tries hard to help everyone, open-minded, reckless when only her own life is on the line, melancholy in her later years
Love interest: Armand Palgrave (husband, deceased)

Lyra was born in 1028 A.D. in England, the youngest of seven children. She is the first dhampir ever to be born, and the oldest, surpassing all other vampires in age as well as power. Due to the strange nature of her birth, Lyra often defies the expectations of vampires, humans, and other dhampirs, sharing some powers and weaknesses, but possessing a few unique ones of her own. Lyra spent decades traveling the world and establishing small villages who she trained to be vampire hunters. She eventually resettled in the town where she was born, a village named Caldera in England which became her headquarters. After the Cataclysm, Lyra created the Rimono from the survivors of Caldera, a traveling band of humans and dhampirs outside the control of the Nobility. Due to her great age, Lyra has many connections with powerful vampires and vampire hunters throughout history, including Alucard and Sir Integra of the Hellsing Organization, Mina Harker and Mina the Fair, the Sacred Ancestor, and Vampire Hunter D.

Behind Her Name:

I chose "Lyra" because it was similar to "lyric" indicating her deep tie to music, but it is also the name of the constellation shaped like Orpheus' instrument, the lyre.

"Whitefall" was her first last name given because of her white hair.

"Palgrave" is her husband's last name which she continued to use even after his death. It came from the publishing company Palgrave Macmillion because it sounded like a slurred form of the words "pale" and "grave."

Her husband's first name "Armand" is French for "army man."

Lyra and her fanfics (c) to me.
Hellsing (c) Kouta Hirano
Vampire Hunter D (c) Hideyuki Kikuchi
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wow! I really like your character an dhow you were able to make two different bios for her for two different vampire related. Plus, I love both Vampire Hunter D and Hellsing! I also love how you got the idea for her name. Very awesome.
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^_^ Thank you so much! At first I was really stressing about which universe to put her in because I love Hellsing and Vampire Hunter to death, but then I went, "Hey! Hellsing takes place BEFORE Vampire hunter D, so I can do an odd kind of crossover to have Lyra fit into both!" Alas, I have not actually written either of those fanfics, but I'm working on fleshing things out. And I still need to finish "Hidden Light" before I move on to other FF projects. ^_^;;