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Klara von Leider

Klara von Leider from my Kyo Kara Maoh! fanfic "Arrows of Night" (not yet posted on

Aliases: "Kaze-hime" (by her subordinates), "Demon of the Arena" (humans)
Age: unknown (appears 20+)
Race: Mazoku ("Demon")
Height: 6 ft.
Occupation: Captain of the Wyvern Riders of the Great Forest
Clothing: based on Roman soldiers
Likes: flying, Yakure, freedom
Dislikes: almost everything else
Personality: harsh, violent, demanding, suspicious, strong sense of duty, sardonic, lots of self-loathing inside
Love Interest: Gwendal von Voltaire

Klara is the childhood friend of Anissina von Karblenikov and Gwendal von Voltaire. She was very shy and naive as a child, always willing to be one of Anissina's guinea pigs. However, Klara's house was attacked and destroyed during the war with the Humans and she was believed killed. Now, decades later, she reappears riding the fearsome night-wyvern Yakure as the leader of the mysterious Wyvern Riders. But is she here to help the new Demon King Yuri, or is she here to destroy him?

Behind Her Name:

Klara means "bright" or "clear" in German.
Leider means "unfortunately", "grief" or "sorrow" in German. (It rhymes with "rider.)

Together, her name literally means "clarity of sorrow"

Yakure means "nightfall arrow"

"ya" = "arrow"
"kure" = "nightfall" or "end of the year"

Close up: [link]

Klara von Leider and the Wyvern Riders (c) to me.
Kyo Kara Maoh! (c) Tomo Takabayashi
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