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Akaaka is a supporting FC from my Inuyasha fanfic "Nakishojo: The Weeping Maiden" [link]

Age: 17
Height: 5' 7"
Species: fox-hanyo
Weapon of choice: Yumi (bow) and a tai-chi (straight sword)
Likes: fighting, Rosuto
Dislikes: cowards, weakness, being restrained, Kagome, humans
Personality: angry, bitter, hair-trigger temper, jealous when it comes to Rosuto, suspicious of anyone outside Seidou, protective of the other half-demon children

Akaaka is a half fox-demon and the eldest hanyo under Namida’s protection at Seidou. She is also the most temperamental, always ready to leap into a fight at the slightest provocation. While she is very sharp and brash with the other half-demons, Akaaka is very protective of them and loyal to Namida. The only ones not fazed by her fiery outbursts are Rosuto, a dog-hanyo and Nodoka, a water-hanyo.A lot of her anger comes from old bitterness at being abandoned as a child and the fear of losing those close to her, especially Rosuto. She is a crack shot with her bow and can make the arrows burst into flame. She desperately wants to become a full-demon.

Behind Her Name:

In Japanese, “akaaka” means “bright red.”

The Japanese symbols:

赤々 “akaaka” = bright red

Akaaka and "Nakishojo: The Weeping Maiden" (c) to me.
Inuyasha (c) Rumiko Takahashi
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