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Changeling, You're My Love! by Hikari-Katana Changeling, You're My Love! :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 0 0 ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 3 by Hikari-Katana ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 3 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 3 0 ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 2 by Hikari-Katana ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 2 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 2 0 ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 1 by Hikari-Katana ReGen Who 2015 - Donna Noble 1 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 3 0
Hidden Light - Author Ackowledgments
When I began this fanfic, I knew almost nothing about Final Fantasy VII.  In fact, all that I did know came from watching the movie Advent Children sometime in late 2006.  The movie, while initially very confusing, sparked two images:  (1) a strange, childlike woman with black-and-white hair floating in a tank illuminated by moonlight and (2) this same woman being shot by a combat hologram of Vincent Valentine.  I yearned to write these two scenes.  The first was simple; it was the beginning after all, but the second just didn't have enough emotional impact on its own.  To give that image weight, I needed to craft a story.  Thus, “Hidden Light” was born.
I did some research before going too far into the story, namely watching “Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII,” which was a special feature on my Advent Children DVD, buying and playing the PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus, and downloading numerous pictures
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Hidden Light - Chapter 18
Chapter 18:
Walking On
"...cent. Vincent. Wake up."
A damp cloth stroked his face, clearing his eyes of film and grit. Vincent blinked, feeling consciousness return. He could feel the pain lurking behind a muzzy wall of painkillers, but, for the moment, he could breathe and think again.
The cloth lifted, revealing a familiar face. Vincent lifted his hand to touch her cheek. "Hikari. You're all right?"
That sunrise smile rose on her face. She nodded and pressed her hand over his. "Yes, Vincent. I am all right."
He ran his fingers through the black side of her hair. Holy and Meteor were safely hidden away, but their mark of unmatched eyes and hair remained. Still, it was comforting to see Hikari as he remembered her. She was even back in her old, familiar clothes with a pink ribbon tied around her throat. Then Vincent saw the edge of a scar peeking over the top of her blouse. A shiver wracked his body as the image of her broken, bloody form flashed through his mind.
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Mature content
Hidden Light - Chapter 17 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 0 0
Mature content
Hidden Light - Chapter 16 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 0 0
Hidden Light - Chapter 15
Chapter 15:
Nekura's Experiment
"You don't try to understand anything. You just shoot at it. Or you run away."
"You just shoot... Or you run away."
"You run away."

Nekura's words stabbed Vincent like knives as he clung to the overhead duct-work and watched clones march past, combing the corridors. First Hikari, now his friends... I can't help them if I'm captured, Vincent told himself firmly. Nekura won't kill them. He's a scientist. He'll keep them alive, at least for now. I have a little time. The internal arguments were not much help. So Vincent turned his mind towards more practical matters, such as how to find everyone.
I need a map of this place. He listened to make sure no clones were nearby, then carefully reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone, and flipped it open. No service. So I'm either very far underground or very far away from anything else. Or both. Without service, he could not contact Shelke, but the phone did ha
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Hidden Light - Chapter 14
Chapter 14:
Surprise, Surprise
"Time to wake up, Mr. Valentine."
The voice cut through the darkness engulfing Vincent. His head felt muzzy and his muscles ached. What happened? Why do I--? Memory flooded back. Hikari!
Vincent tried to open his eyes. The sluggish response of even that tiny action made a tendril of fear coil in his gut. But finally he forced them open and wished he had not. Why is it every time I wake up, I'm in a scientist's laboratory?
There were no windows, so he could not tell if he was deep underground, in the middle of a building, or on a ship of some kind. The lack of movement suggested one of the first two options, but he could not be certain. His distance vision was still blurry, so he could not make out more details of the room, even though it did not seem very large. But he seemed to be held upright in a spread-eagle position by clamps around his wrists and ankles. A web of metal pressed into his back and a pair of intravenou
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Hidden Light - Chapter 13
Chapter 13:
"Bad Mens"
Vincent stood and drew Cerberus. He scanned the surrounding area, but could see nothing. Beside him, Hikari whimpered. He shot a quick glance at her and saw her staring at the gun, shaking.
Damn. Vincent hastily stowed Cerberus into its holster. He could not, would not, send Hikari into her battle-state again. Even though a small part of him admitted that her skills could be helpful in this situation. Vincent cupped her face in his hands, drawing her eyes to his. "Hikari," he said, "where are they? And how many? Can you tell?"
Hikari took a deep breath, obviously struggling to control her fear and desire to flee. She closed her eyes, a slight frown of concentration on her face. "Close," she said. "Ink-black footsteps all around. Circle. Bad mens." She shuddered. "Many. Maybe... five fives?"
At least twenty-five then. How did they sneak up on us so fast? And how did they find us? Vincent forced those questions into the back of hi
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Hidden Light - Chapter 12
Chapter 12:
Douglas sipped at his steaming cup of coffee and stared out at the storm. He had been harbormaster of the Northern Continent dock for ten years and was glad his experience with storms prompted him to close the ports. Dark clouds roiled as flashes of lighting briefly illuminated the driving rain. All boats were grounded until it subsided. Smaller craft had been pulled out of the water while the others bobbed and twisted in the capricious surf.
Then he blinked. Had he seen that right? Douglas rubbed his eyes and peered out into the rain, waiting for the next lighting flash. When it came, his eyes widened. Out in the pounding surf was a tiny craft, probably the size of a skimmer, bravely battling its way through the waves. For a moment, he thought it might be empty, torn free from its moorings and set adrift. But no, it was moving with purpose, fighting the current. What mad fool chose to go out into such a squall, and a one-man skimmer at that! Recalling
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Hidden Light - Chapter 11
Chapter 11:
No Escape
Vincent stared at the screen as the security video continued its static-filled playback.
Just when he thought he'd finally laid his past to rest, that he'd finally found a measure of peace, there she stood once more, vibrant and alive. Was there any part of his life she would not affect? Her fingerprints marked every aspect. Her shadow walked beside his. After discovering the depths of Lucretia's involvement in his transformation, Vincent had visited her in the crystal cave where she and his father had discovered the nascent Chaos. He'd gone to say goodbye, to let go of her image which had driven, tortured, and sustained him for so long. He'd left the cave looking to the future rather than dwelling on the past for the first time.
But it seemed the past was not ready to let him go.
The security feed had suffered some damage; only a few blurred images of Lucretia and Hikari hurrying through passages showed through the static. Then the
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Hidden Light - Chapter 10
Chapter 10:
Tattered Clues
Hikari did not leave the house after that.  While Tifa and Cloud still had jobs, they cut back as much as possible and kept any trips into town as short as they could.  Barret, Nanaki, and Vincent were permanent fixtures, and Marlene and Denzel tried to keep Hikari occupied.  But Hikari was not as buoyant as before, glancing out the windows and tensing whenever she heard the door open.  She struggled to keep this to herself, but Vincent could tell she was still scared and upset.  Most of their evening conversations had little talking but a lot of silent shivering on Hikari’s part.  It made Vincent feel frustrated and helpless.  Their enemy was out there, but who were they?  Where were they coming from?  Where did they go?  When would they come back and what would they bring to claim their prize?  Vincent knew their best bet was to hunker down and wait, to lure their enemies to them.
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Katsucon 2012 - Botan 3 by Hikari-Katana Katsucon 2012 - Botan 3 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 0 0 Katsucon 2012 - Botan 2 by Hikari-Katana Katsucon 2012 - Botan 2 :iconhikari-katana:Hikari-Katana 0 0



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I'm a 2010 graduate of Penn State Mont Alto with a B.A. in English. Anime, manga, and cosplay didn't come into my life until my freshman year of college when I picked up Last Exile, but as soon as it did, I was hooked. As a "scavenger" cosplayer, I tend to buy the parts for my costumes and piece them together from items on hand, but I do plan on learning how to construct my own costumes from scratch.

In my free time (hah, what free time?) I like to read fantasy novels and manga, draw using traditional media, take walks, spar, sing, and swim. I also write poems, fanfiction, and novels. My dream is to become a fantasy novelist, book editor, and possibly a manga-ka.

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    Yes, I finally caved and joined the Collective....thanks to my obsession interest in Tom Hiddleston,     
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