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2009-03-27: Zul'Drak



So... I've pretty much determined that I will definitely go overboard when I draw things for people I know.

Above is Sendaii (Gnome Warrior) and Kilda (Undead Priest) from the US realm, Greymane (PvE).

This was a gift from Brunnor (Sendaii is his Warrior) to Kilda his girlfriend as sort of a birthday present. Their characters are set in the troll area of Zul'Drak, wearing Tier 3 Armor from the orignal Naxx. I don't really like how the Dreadnaught and Faith sets were changed with the new Tier 7. So they were okay with me using these sets instead.

Overall, I like how it came out. I will say I'm not completely satisfied with the background, but I'll stop there since backgrounds have always been a challenge for me.

Created completely in Photoshop CS.

Time: I honestly have no idea. Probably over 50 hours...

World of Warcraft: [link]

Art (C) =hikari-chan
Concept/Design (C) World of Warcraft/Blizzard
Sendaii and Kilda (C) themselves.
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omg this is cute