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2009-03-23: Ledari



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Ledari, my Draenei Priest from World of Warcraft.

I noticed that I haven't really made a CG of any of my own characters that is complete. Sure, I have a lot of Rhiya and Asvin drawings, but how many of them are FULLY colored and polished? Yeah, none. I have no full CGs of Avedral, my Night Elf Druid that I have played for 3 years. Just lots of scribbles everywhere. *sigh* You could argue this only perpetuates the incompleteness. However, it is a hell of a lot more "complete" than my other doodles.

I started this over two months ago and got it to its currently status after about a month. However, I never thought to post it until now. I still have to make a background for it, so I will upload that if I get to finish it.

Created completely with Photoshop CS.

Time: I dont remember. Perhaps ~15 hours?

World of Warcraft:

Art (C) =hikari-chan
Concept/Design (C) World of Warcraft/Blizzard
Ledari (C) =hikari-chan
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This draenei is wonderful, love your style Llama Emoji 03 (Sparkles) [V1]