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2009-03-23: Ledari

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Ledari, my Draenei Priest from World of Warcraft.

I noticed that I haven't really made a CG of any of my own characters that is complete. Sure, I have a lot of Rhiya and Asvin drawings, but how many of them are FULLY colored and polished? Yeah, none. I have no full CGs of Avedral, my Night Elf Druid that I have played for 3 years. Just lots of scribbles everywhere. *sigh* You could argue this only perpetuates the incompleteness. However, it is a hell of a lot more "complete" than my other doodles.

I started this over two months ago and got it to its currently status after about a month. However, I never thought to post it until now. I still have to make a background for it, so I will upload that if I get to finish it.

Created completely with Photoshop CS.

Time: I dont remember. Perhaps ~15 hours?

World of Warcraft:

Art (C) =hikari-chan
Concept/Design (C) World of Warcraft/Blizzard
Ledari (C) =hikari-chan
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This draenei is wonderful, love your style Llama Emoji 03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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love the color you use
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I've given this piece a feature over here -> [link]

hikari-chan's avatar
I know it's late, but Thank you! :D
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The small res and watermark sorta ruins the picture. Meh, I understand wanting to protect your pictures, but whenever everything is smaller with HUGE WATERMARK, it's like... why even post it? Not like we can appreciate the details since you think everyone is thief or something.
hikari-chan's avatar
The file dimensions are just small, and dA generated a giant watermark to plaster over it. I'll see if I can reupload so it's less obstructive.
serratedview's avatar
I appreciate it, I enjoy the art, but it seems so tiny with the massive watermarks on it. Especially on this piece where it obscures a lot of the finer details.
Angel-VII's avatar
Wow! I was looking for draenei priests, because one of my buddies from my server loves them and ran across this. Absolutely beautiful! You do really great work! Keep it up! ^_^
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UniMieli's avatar
Very interesting picture...mysterious...I like it!
zearyu's avatar
Wowww it looks really beautiful o_o I have a Blood Elf Priest in WoW xDD
Bayoubaron's avatar
Very cute and demure looking, very nice work
Juhani's avatar
LOVE it! the eyes and face is very cute :)
KrazedKei's avatar
wow absolutely jaw drop-ing
Great job
mellownote's avatar nice, hikari-chan!

the effects and color coordination are awe-inspiring..., i find the current backgrond to be suitable for this, but if you wish to, you go ahead.
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Wow, this is really pretty! I really like how you did the light effects on her hand, and the light source itself. Very interesting! Not to mention the fact that the lady herself is gorgeous!
hythrain's avatar
That's beautiful. The halo looks kind of like she's using GotN, though I would guess it's suppose to be a particular priest helm. Shame I don't know enough about priest graphics.

I'm curious as to what she's holding.

Oh, and completely random here, are you going to AN this year?
hikari-chan's avatar
Can't afford to go to AN. The flight would cost too much.

And yeah, that's the tier set for priests is a halo.

And she's "holding" a spell ball, like she's casting heal, etc. However, I figured it would make more sense to have the glow held above her hand in this case rather than around her hand.
hythrain's avatar
Bah. I regret not knowing you were there last year now.

*looks up* Ahh, T7. That explains it. I can't recall any of our priests who use that helm having the graphic on.

And the spell looks better that way, I think. Makes it seem more like her palms are controlling it. :)
hikari-chan's avatar
Oh, I never went. The only con I've attended was Otakon some years back with some of my friends. We all shared 2 tables. I had a lot of fun, but I was really unprepared for it. :(
hythrain's avatar
o.O Wha? I thought you were there last year... weird, my memory must be stupid.
hikari-chan's avatar
Was probably some other artist. ^^;

Ah well, maybe ond day I will go. >.>a
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