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GNOS 2.0

FEEDBACK IN COMMENTS (problems, opinions. i'm trying fix it or add)

Version 2.1
Version 2.2
-Fix bugs
-Add blur
Version 2.3
-File optimization
-Add plugins
-Graphic fix
-Add empty bin button
Version 2.4
-Auto close fix
-Background color fix
Version 2.5
-Fix bug
-Added settings menu
Version 2.6
-Added more options for menu settings (for colorize top bar icons)
Version 2.7

-localization files
-font type/size file
-saving preset
-clock setting
-other settings
-fix bugs
9872 code rows
Vaersion 2.8
-"Close background" has been changed
-Flying or Magnetic style
-Dynamic transparents bar
-New special plugin, thanks jsmorley  for help
-Just chek Other setting and Transparent bar
Vaersion 2.8.1
-More faster bar style changer
Vaersion 2.9
-Fix position
-Test russian localization (you can send me your localization on your language)
-Dynamic color text on bar
-Deleted useless setting
-Reworked some setting
Next time
-new Localization
-Fix design problems
-Fix or add something
-Testing for every day using
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how to make not disappear when fullscreen (chrome /aps)

#Always show Droptop


this if fullscreen


How can i get the skin

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Absolutely brilliant.

Just cannot get the weather to work. Any suggestions for what could be wrong?

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and i don't remember how get code you city
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In change LocationW
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how do i find the code for my location?

Thank you - but the graphics don't display. Could it be because of the resolution of my monitor (surface Book)?

See the image:

Also, some suggestions: Any way to add Brightness control, bluetooth indicator or night light indicator to the top bar?

Another suggestion (maybe this is too complex) but anyway you can add a launcher to the pop-out bar on the left? So I could click that and quick launch a folder or an application?

Thank you for this great project.


Another suggestion - anyway to make it so, when another app is in front of the bar (for example, maximized or full screen windows) the bar update value is low (30 seconds or something) and only when it has focus the update rate is every 1 second? To save battery life :)

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Yes, I did it for the Full HD monitor and I can’t test on the monitor with a different resolution. I do not know how the weather works, it works and sometimes does not work. Click on the battery and you can find the brightness control.
I tried to create a launcher on the first button, but now I'm a little busy and do not touch the project. And I want to fix the update speed, but I don’t know how to do it. I used the Nexus dock to create free space at the top of the screen. When I have free time, I will continue to do the project.
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how can i move it to the secondary display? or spawn two instances?

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Create a copy of the folder with the skin and run the copy. You will get two skins.
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