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And now there is a membrane lingering half-crushed,
a pair of wings shattered as my conviction in church glass
resting in pieces in the pit of my scarred palm.
I caught you between my fingers like an oncoming tsunami.
You struggled in my god hands,
and I whispered through your whining skull tell me the secrets
of why you exist, your directionless keening, your life
a half-inch of burning black-and-red kitchen match.
In that moment,
there was silence; you bent like a snapped spine
under the weight of confession, confirming
my beliefs.
Silence remains.
I pray for your flight stains
polluting my dark palms.
Mosquito wings, cracked as God
before children, torn
into pieces.
Silence remains.
Then a directionless keen
wheezes from my lungs.
:iconwinterkate:winterkate 12 34
Mature content
Rotten Deviant :iconiampoetry:iamPoetry 5 21
County Lines
Fog swallows the corn,
an unlit farmhouse eaten;
stars shine scarce
in the dark heather sky,
inconsequential fires.
Dim lamps guide the road,
but each creates
a separate jaundiced clarity:
sight and blindness passing
in fewer frames per second,
confused Vaudeville captures.
Your eyes look blue tonight
when I can see them;
shadows fill your mouth and
fine lines.
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 8 13
be still, my heart
light fell
stark colors to
float into sky
with glints of 
pearl dawn
in china blue
shattered sun
crawled out of sea
still- across breath
of shallow end.
organs drifting
carefully in the air
breathing empty water.
colors died 
to open air
honey sunlight
slid the bushes
toward canopy
under the trees
closed in pale flowers
left prints in soft soil
where more sunshine fell
from sky (strange as sea)
:iconlittlemoonboots:littlemoonboots 27 10
Doi luang
under pine trees carved in shadows
you gave me
a thousand-year-old rose
and the seconds
around the bend of a secret
Aatlein 2012
:iconaatlein:Aatlein 5 4
For Patricia
Were the years to fall away
From your sunlit summer days,
Or race mine years at once, avast!
Spring forth from my feckless past,
Would we stand on even stones
If we had, together grown?
Like two trees in a silent glade
Which caress, in each other's shade,
As two streams concoct the sea
Would our love ever come to be?
Had time not played a bitter hand
And tipped over your clock of sand,
Woe on mine eyes in a trifling trice  
To set upon such a cureless price,  
And live each day and watch you die
And live to only to say goodbye.
:iconzark123:Zark123 13 18
You will find that the story you tell
is very rarely your own. In Lucca,
even the smallest pebbles
breathe in the warm sunlight.
Knotted stones and cobbled roads
beat out a paper-dry heartbeat heat –
my city breathes in and out,
inhales sparrow air.
It's writing a story.
You are the pen.
You will find that in Lucca
the daisy chains forge fire
in side streets and back alleys.
Teenagers intertwine. Tell me,
odd flower, are you still closed?
Here we are colored wax;
the heat of the city melts us.
We run into each other, rhapsody
of pigments. Operas are our specialties.
Open up; feel the reds.
If not, try and see them. There is a place
of deep knife marks, a street
long as midnight –
you may learn something there.
Valentina's voice glimmers like red wine.
You may enjoy intoxications. Still,
know alcohol has no story
and will swallow your own.
Find the sign with the wolf on it.
You'll know the place. Epiphanies ring true as church-bells.
Lucca still guides the wanderers
to well sp
:iconwinterkate:winterkate 135 89
i. (matsya - fish)
in the beginning, there was silver;
mercury inscribing cuneiform
beneath the bloodwork of your skewed scales,
scrawling preserver
throughout salt-drenched lungs.
and you laced clear planets into your slipstream,
wrapped solar systems in translucence.
ignoring all the shattered galaxies. ignoring
how easily their frail orbits
ii. (kurma - turtle)
your ribcage screamed a shattered warcry
of not-quite-god and less-than-human;
a shark's-tooth carapace crushed in.
forgotten names clawed out your sternum.
your spine fused into your biting back.
iii. (varaha - boar)
razor-wireless shrieked of true tales
thieved by midnight's neon-tripped true bones.
gunshot eyelids half-horizon,
you rose, arpeggio
of stop.
iv. (narasimha half-man, half-lion)
he walked like christian gods on holy
breaking waves of children's bowed backs.
a crooked tooth inside you turned,
crucified his smug steel-gray blue.
v. (vamana - dwarf)
eras of electrons scratched
themselves into your heels
:iconwinterkate:winterkate 40 57
Above Freezing
A circle of cat warms the blanket across my thighs.
I have been reading poetry, scouring for secrets in the lines-
secrets, answers, keys.
Outside my window is early Spring, she's having a drink with her lover
Sky, they're watching the brown grass and discussing their unruly young.
He frets about them more than she, he grumbles when
she only smiles, and touches his hand.
Sparrows let loose their buoyant silver notes through the rain.
The house is cold, it wants a fire in the iron stove,
but instead of laying wood and setting flame,
instead of chasing after words to settle in my fat and bones
I sit and watch the fluid, rising day
while the round cat hums and bathes.
:iconriparii:riparii 14 91
of you
wind caught red between the bricks
isn't wind
or anything.
the mind has made a home.
imagine this hole without its walls,
the anchor of my touch;
(we agreed to gather for it).
the roof would float away
and i’d be stranded where i stood.
is there sanctuary in this mud?
i’ve been in other cavities -
the moon will sound like any moon,
night will seed the same old terror,
fall fast to nothing
in a womb.
I belong inside . . .
:iconspoems:spoems 9 12
He was a boy in his own head,
a galaxy created from winter sunlight
caught between colored panes of glass,
then filtered through thick absinthe curtains
and slivers of cheap jewelry shattered,
knocked from his mother's wrist to attract
swarms of rabid phosphenes and the hollow sound
skin makes when it's assaulted, the proceeding nebula
of violet and sickened yellow and red,
the pleas that made her singing voice pretty
and that man's eyes soften: liquid, halted.
In rapturous observation,
he collected beauty, but beauty
always betrayed him by its falsehood.
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 17 9
i. true love
& you were that one famous line
of a love poem – 1863 sonnet
scripted down your spine, verses
of sternum & shuddering heartbeat.
i remember the sheets twisted blue
as the eventide, your eyes like thelassia,
that species of ocean grass. we swayed
to the music of galaxies colliding.
our song was the day the tides
finally curled round the moon's face.
ii. cancer
eventides, thelassia eyes, moon
great and heavy as that one lucky coin
that refused to land, to grant a wish
or let luck decide for us. there were
star crabs scuttling under your
oragami skin. & i never realized
all the ways that you folded
until the doctor came back &
you folded into yourself,
iii. heartbreak
please don't tell me it was disease.
please don't mention the fact
that there was a constellation
blossoming underneath your skin
as if it excuses the metaphor
of your candle-eyes dimming.
i was there for the treatment.
you weren't, rag-doll girl. you
hung limp as wet clot
:iconwinterkate:winterkate 62 78


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