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[TASLINOVERSE] Raa'ti, the Mother of Purity by Hiitsuji [TASLINOVERSE] Raa'ti, the Mother of Purity by Hiitsuji
The next day, Carolyn, Randolph, and Junko stopped at Torrine again. The humans negotiated with the new mayor, Callahan Peyton to reserve the Stragoth Meadows for further Vangaard plans. It was a large park that contained a pearl-white, elegantly made fountain that depicted a beautiful woman with a crown on her head. In her right hand (well, more like a fist) was a rope fashioned into a noose and in the other was a rock that ‘bled’ out water into the cascade. (When asked, the locals would claim it was built by a sane cultist only known as the ‘Herald of the Lonely Fools’ that showed the ‘Mother of Purity,’ R_-’_?.) It was never credited towards him but a tidbit of her mythos was placed at a plaque a few feet away from the sculpture, for any tourist to look at if they had the curiosity to do so.
This is Raa'ti, First in Command of the Angels and the Goddess of the Aether, Purity, and [REDACTED]. She was supposedly involved in the PROMETHEUS project.
lol this took me like 3 hours, i can't draw water. Undertale - Where Are The Knives GIF 
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