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[TASLINOVERSE] Chancellor Aris Ticrahscile by Hiitsuji [TASLINOVERSE] Chancellor Aris Ticrahscile by Hiitsuji
Somewhere on the planet Taslinov by Seiyon are islands that look like a ball. The islands are a country known as Vasynae (Vayse-eh-nai), and Chancellor Aris recently overthrew the previous leader, Kirai Whitacher after growing 'tired' of the rampant corruption.
Since then, all has been going well, other than the events that seem to always happen despite not having any possible way to do so. Tourism still runs rampant thanks to cruises, and everything. Is. Fí͘n҉̡̛́ę̶̵͜.̡̕҉̛
Gods Save Chancellor Aris, long live our noble Assignee.
Finally got around to drawing the Chancellor, the marked out stuff in red is spoilers.
Blue Square Bullet Name: 'Chancellor' Aris Ticrahscile (arr-eee teh-crah-skyll)
Blue Square Bullet Age: 23.
Blue Square Bullet Gender: Originally female, transitioned to male completely when he turned 23 on his birthday. 
Blue Square Bullet Power/s: Probability Manipulation. TLDR this means that he can make likely events not happen and unlikely events happen. This includes natural disasters, the apocalypse, murders, etc. Depending on how 'effective' the choices will be increased in unlikeliness. It's all in chance. (I.E. if he tries to make a meteor shower happen in a specific area where they do NOT get any showers, then nine times out of ten it will not work.)
Blue Square Bullet Personality at a glance: Cold, manipulative, bright, a bit of a neat freak. Cannot stand any very bright colors, but tries to deal with them anyway.
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February 9, 2016
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