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[TASLINOVERSE] Camjiir the Corrupted/The Cannibal by Hiitsuji [TASLINOVERSE] Camjiir the Corrupted/The Cannibal by Hiitsuji
"rul xuia alars
aas xuiar rftath

ft'aak xuiar ftunat"(1)
Camjiir the Corrupted (thanshuur sha thu'rialsag in Aoxiya and vehuntalgedgongondon gishe vehordonvanmasgised/vehnaunmedfam padoninger (literally chaos bringer) in Enochian) is the Eld'r God of Chaos, Destruction, and War. (The last aspect is shared with Ruraura the Ravaged/The Trogl'dyte.) Considered to be the other half of Matriona the Monocratic and rightful ruler of His Pantheon (in some religious anarchist texts), Camjiir is unpredictable and brutal in his behavior, and it's rumored that Matriona ripped off his mandible right from its sockets after an attempted coup d'é·tat. He is around 8-10 feet tall. (243.84 cm to 304.8 cm tall.)
Camjiir's dimension(s) are best described as a clusterfuck. 
The other way to put it is madness. It constantly changes form nearly every day, ranging from corrupted landscapes to multiple voices screaming in your ear as you traverse through a city. Including it's mass changes, there are as many as 100 'zones' to each change. Anything can be made, regardless of its boundaries, and portals that open to SAID zones/dimension pop up everywhere constantly. Sometimes they can be in the most strangest locations, such as the toilets and the Miryhsh Abyss. Ganesha Dorvens often falls into these portals, and has been the only known human to survive the corruptions and document his travels.
More will be added when needed to!
  1. Means 'rip you apart, eat your flesh, break your bones.' This phrase has been commonly noted to be a key ingredient when summoning Camjiir. (Which is a very, very dangerous ritual in itself. Summon your Eld'r Gods responsibly, kids.)
SvartabergetArt Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good work
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