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[PKMN SU/MO] Practice Your Pikachu Throws! by Hiitsuji [PKMN SU/MO] Practice Your Pikachu Throws! by Hiitsuji
After seeing the recent trailers (US and JPN ones) for the new content for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I laughed at the trainer throwing this perfectly content Pikachu high in the air like a football. And then, this idea came to me.
What if there was a school to help trainers work their Z-moves?
Think about it: you can't trust everybody with a Z-Bracelet. What if they're clumsy? What if they aren't really kind enough to Pokemon? Thus: the Z-Eta Academy comes in, a school geared towards trainers to learn about Z moves. This school is geared towards those 16-18 years of age to avoid any injuries and such. You can't be too careful with Pokemon! (not to mention that it would be extremely dangerous for a 10 year old. What if they get shocked? Or burned?)  To make sure no actual Pokemon gets hurt (if the Trainer is physically touching them) the replacement is a squeaky toy. Some of these toys are so advanced that they 'react' and sound just like the Pokemon. (Except it's like a robotic cry.)
Once the trainer has seemingly 'learned' all 20 Z-Moves, they take an exam to determine whether or not they'll get their Z Bracelet or not.
Pass? Congrats! You have graduated and you get a Z Bracelet!
Fail? TAKE THE ENTIRE COURSE(S) AGAIN YOU SIMPLETON.  If you fail five times (the exam) the school will expel you and you aren't allowed to come back. Ever.
In this picture, we see a determined Mari (my future trainer in Pokemon Sun), ready to perform 'Catastropika.' However, it seems that she isn't holding the 'Pikachu' correctly... 
i bet you this is the ENTIRE school plot thing in the su/mo anime.
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September 20, 2016
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