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Carmen Amidei by Hiitsuji Carmen Amidei by Hiitsuji

    A twenty three year old woman currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA (UPENN) for Biomedical Engineering that goes by the alias ‘Roule.’ She is a current agent under BLOODHOUND for currently unknown purposes. Her current ‘power’ is given to her by BLOODHOUND’s top tech in their Highmoor division.

With her father owning several casinos (the main one in NYC nicknamed ‘The Solstice’) and her mother working in Drexel’s hospitals, she lived an easy life of luxury in her home somewhere in the big city. But something felt missing. Despite literally having all the money in the world in her hands, she couldn’t exactly feel happiness. Sure, she had some friends, but that wasn’t enough. Carmen wanted more.

BLOODHOUND reached out to her to test something they dubbed ‘KiNGDiCE.’ Mistaking it for a job interview, she took the offer with little to no precaution. Turns out the tech was something akin to a ‘magic card deck’ where Carmen could harness her powers through KiNGDiCE. (Actual name: Ludon.) Paying no attention to it, she didn’t utilize the deck until she received word that her parents were being held for ransom. (Currently unknown on what the father’s reason was, but for Carmen’s mother it was for the fact that there was quite a breakthrough for synthetic organ farming.)

BLOODHOUND threatened her life and her family if they didn’t join their side. While Carmen refused at first, it wasn’t until that they took her and- [DATA EXPUNGED. DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER--]

Now a part of BLOODHOUND, Carmen now goes by the alias Roule to further aid in humanity’s corruption via Gambling/money addiction. Or that’s what the general public thinks. Nobody truly knows what’s going on inside a triple agent’s head, at all.

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November 29, 2017
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