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AMUZA [PAGE 01] by Hiitsuji AMUZA [PAGE 01] by Hiitsuji
It's finally finished. (Excuse the rushedness of the panels, I wanted to get this out of the way because of exams.)

Ape- A xenophobic term that the Taslinovi use to distinguish Earthlings from themselves shortly after the Great Human Migration. Despite its roots with African-Americans, 'ape' can be referred to any human race. White, Asian, even Hispanic: they were all apes.
Taslinovi - A demonym for the humans (before the Great Human Migration) living on the massive planet Taslinov. According to Eld'r Mythos, they all descended from the Mother of the Universe: Odes'a.
USS Vangaard - The ship used to transport the 'subjects' used for the ANDROMEDA mission to deem if Taslinov was hospitable enough for the population of Earth.
ANDROMEDA Missions - The missions used to first explore Taslinov before the migration, the four captains disappeared after 18 months and it is implied one of the Eld'r Gods ate them all.

AMUZA (or 'fun' in Latin) is an artistic work chronicling the rise and fall of the country Komeburto in its war like setting. Will Phillip Wolfgang finally get rid of the menace known as capitalism/consumerism? General warning for violence, mentions of genocide, child abuse, and all the other schticks.
Bullet; Red Phillip Wolfgang: A funloving mayor who really hates rumors being spread about him.

Bullet; Blue Vernandos Adimini: Only known as 'the Chairman' to his ruling states. Was he responsible for the terroristic attack in the Komeburto elections?
Bullet; Black M: A mysterious, but very charming man with an affinity for collecting body parts. May or may not be a cannibal.
And lots and lots of more colorful characters!

This is my first time trying to make a web/comic so I hope I did it right! AMUZA usually updates every weekend or two!
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January 12, 2016
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