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[ABER] Damon Blackshaw by Hiitsuji [ABER] Damon Blackshaw by Hiitsuji

Born to two scientists somewhere in New England, Damon was almost always left home alone due to his parents going out for work often. It wasn’t until when he turned twelve years old that he found his parents dead. Never knowing that they were killed due to their breakthrough within ‘dimensional tesseracts,’ he was subsequently taken by Monarch Corp. for ‘further research.’ Turns out, the Blackshaw scientists were very close as to figuring out if there was any sentient life outside of Earth. Not aliens, per say, but something bigger and worse than your average gray faced invader in sci-fi films. Believing that Damon was the answer to this link, they sent the boy into a successful tesseract (after pumping him with many, many drugs and things to ensure a ‘proper’ travel) and waited. Damon came back alright, but wasn’t the same.

Weakened and unable to speak, he was poked and prodded by Monarch’s scientists and sent back to the rift again and again. They never seemed to notice that his body slowly began to deteriorate and get worse the more times they sent him. On April 11th, he was sent into the tesseract for the last time, but just as they did, the power went out. Panic arose through the lab (located just outside of Boston, MA) as the technicians struggled to bring Damon back. He came back that day, but this time with an unsettling aura around him. The last thing the lab technicians remembered before dying was Damon opening his mouth to scream as psi-energy leaked from his back.
It would be revealed that the entities that Damon met on his spatial journey were those that couldn’t be easily comprehended by the regular human consciousness. Disturbed by their dimension being slowly torn apart by humans, they nearly cursed Damon until a humanoid entity approached him. Introducing themself as 'LILITH,' she bestowed him eldritch magic in order to take revenge. They sent him back, telling him to make those scientists pay for 'playing with God.' Once he got back, he ended up killing everybody there. He couldn’t speak, as whoever would hear his words would go mad. (Though Damon could use telepathy and hasn’t made anybody go insane with that yet, so that was always an option.) The psi-energy could easily shift into tentacles and he would be able to absorb psychoactive, neural, emotional, mental or life energies. Good for when you’re trying to kill someone, not so good when you’re trying to order a cup of coffee and the Cthulhu inside of you says ‘fuck you’ and kills the barista.
Now against Monarch Corp, he met and would later become the partner to Vaneza Anjae, another Monarch Corp. refugee just like him. Together with a BLOODHOUND LLC member, they would form the Terror Trio. They would eventually gain a fourth member, but for now, the trio began to wreak havoc in the city so they could belong, so they could have a place to stay and sleep. Food. Water. Shelter. If only a certain group didn’t get in the way of that...

Here he is! Vaneza's boyfriend and the second-in-command for the Four Horsemen group!

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