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[ABER] Columba Citali by Hiitsuji [ABER] Columba Citali by Hiitsuji

Formerly a homeless girl on the streets, Columba joined Almos in an attempt to survive in New York City while trying to grab some money for food and water. Long story short, she was caught by the government and sent to one of Monarch Corp’s facilities, along with Almos. Unlike her male companion, she tried to keep an optimistic view of the world. Maybe things would get better, even if they were trapped here for who knows how long.

The tests didn’t prove that. Part of a joint project dubbed ‘POLTERGEiST,’ (a plan that would enable Monarch Corp to spy on people via dreams and mirrors) Almos and Columba were poked and prodded with God knows what just to get them to gain these newfound powers. While she never had it as rough as Almos did, it was scarring for her to see him come back one day from a session and have some of his face start to slowly decay. Wanting to escape in fear that things would get worse, she would slowly come up with a plan that would bring the two to safety.

    At least, that's what the original plan was supposed to be.


    A power outage ran through the facility that day, and Columba had practically dragged Almos with her so they could flee. Taking the vents, she kept turning her head back to see if Almos was okay. Even as his form began to flicker in and out, Columba wasn’t too worried. After all, the core power systems were down! Who would even stop them at this point?</span>

    Just before they were about to reach the ‘safe zone,’ (A packaging part of the facility, as the girl called it.) Almos’ body completed phased out of her view, making him phase through the vent bottom to a room. A room full of Monarch Corp neurosurgeons. All Columba could do was stare down at where her partner was and listen to his screams. Fearing that she would be targeted as well, the girl fled, abandoning her only friend.</span>

Now with her regained strength and powers, Columba tries to find her friend and bring him back home. Even if most groups ignore her. Even if he would never remember her. She had to make sure Almos was safe. She had to make them pay.

Ghost girl! Don't actually call her a ghost, it reminds her of her trauma- 
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