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[ABER] Amara Lowell by Hiitsuji [ABER] Amara Lowell by Hiitsuji
Passed around from foster family to foster family, Amara was placed in the adoption system after an acid attack. The acid would permanently scar her lower face and distort her neck, making her unable to speak for a few years. Throughout this time, Amara was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, probably a result of something happening in her life. While her Zoloft medication helped her at first, Amara began to slowly grow numb. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t feel any other emotion that wasn’t ‘depressed/anxious.’
When walking by a couple one day, Amara had shivered at some strange sensation overcoming her. Unconsciously raising her hand, she almost screamed when she saw her hand glow a faint pink color and particles flew from the lovebirds to her. Almost immediately, the couple’s mood went sour, screaming and belittling the other partner as Amara felt a surge of warmth in her chest. It didn’t take long for her to notice that thanks to her new powers that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, she could feel something. However, the next day she was back to feeling numb and cold. Even the Zoloft prescribed to her wasn't working. She wanted more, she needed more. More more more more more! Thus, Amara now roams the streets as she absorbs enough emotion for her just to feel like a regular human again, even if it means unintentionally corrupting humanity with hatred.
Previously not aligned to any group regarding the Aberrant situation, Amara was neutral at one point. It didn't matter who it was, Amara just needed something to feel more happy again. More recently, Amara aligned herself with the Four Horsemen after trying to take away Damon’s emotions. Let’s just just say that if it wasn’t for Enoch being there (he had to bring Amara in and out of his dimension so whatever laws applied to Damon’s magic wouldn’t be allowed in his own reality.) her mind would’ve been destroyed beyond repair.

Aaaaand that's the last member of the Four Horsemen! I'll start submitting more OCs for this 'verse, which means more lore!
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