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[ABER] AVELIUS and LILITH by Hiitsuji [ABER] AVELIUS and LILITH by Hiitsuji
Originally two genderless deities that were supposed to awaken during Judgement Day of the Milky Way, something disturbed their sleep and now they have to find a way to stop certain humans from playing with God. This is them in their human forms.
LILITH is the Primordial Darkness Anti-God, the little sister to her brother, AVELIUS. She controls the Void and anything regarding 'evil' things. The instant she sees things aren't running the perfect way (ie. trying to smite all evil things when that's near impossible because there's always going to be evil in the world) she doesn't take it too kindly. She distrusts Erik Asher and IRIS as a whole due to them 'snooping around' thanks to Erik's omnipresence. Often seen in her human form in order to see humanity's progression.
AVELIUS is the Primordial Light God. While he isn't necessarily concerned about the whole 'Aberrants are discriminated against! We gotta do something!' issue, something puts him off about the whole experiment business. Unlike his sister, he rarely uses his power unless absolutely needed and is rarely seen on Earth interacting with humanity. I wonder why?
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