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¨The question¨

It was short, simple and genius. Just a few words, but how could they change everything in the life of one small little book spirit.

¨You live surrounded by magic, dude, why don´t you just travel in time and save her or something? ¨

And then everything that seemed so black and undeniably dead suddenly ringed a tiny, small sound of hope. For months, or maybe years, he couldn´t care to track time now, Bedrich embraced the emptiness of the book he was trapped in for life. A few years ago, he couldn´t wait to escape the vast blank space of his host, but ever since Maria died he saw no reason to leave it, and surely no reason to continue looking for a way to get rid of his curse. All he did, he did for her mother, and later on for her. But both died, and never once in his stupid tiny brain did this idea occur to him. Why not travel back in time? It was possible, and Maria´s own mother had this gift! Surely, though, there could be a way for him to learn how to do it, even if he didn´t have the gift!

It was not over. He will travel in time and save her, and no matter what, he will bring Maria back.


:iconyaymariaplz: I missed writing and sure enough I miss AOH and all of you wonderful friends I made during the time I was in AoH TTvTT
So I´ll just write here and maybe think of a way for Beddy to bring Maria back, who knows >u>´


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Takaya-chan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Higunee Happy B-day 2018 :' D
I hope you'll keep playing music and keep drawing your wonderful artssss/o/

Love you, miss youuuu ;w; /
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Takaya-chan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Higunee Higunee loveliest Higuneee Happy birthdaaaay ;w; /
You have a wonderfully lovely yearrrrr :heart::heart::heart:

Looking forward to reading your story :iconaawplz:
SarahRoseP Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Since Child!Higu failed, will Adult!Higu succeed in redoing that SM doujin? It looked real good for a failure if you ask me so... yeah.
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