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This is amongst one of my most interesting designs. Since there is already a toad and snake navis, I based Forestman's over all concept off a tree gecko.
The tree on his back was inspired by Torterra (from Pokemon). Though, it seems kind of one dimensional with only one kind of tree on his back. I tried varying the trees, but it didn't turn out so good. As for the bird, it was a last minute addition.

Here's a bit about the character: Forestman is one amongst a "Special" group of Navis. He is a huge nature enthusiast and also has a calm demeanor. Despite having a calm, and friendly-like appearance, he's one of the strongest amongst the other "Special" Navis. He is the only Navi with more than 5 battle abilities.
What's ironic about Forestman is that while being a major nature lover, he's almost always seen smoking; which we all know is obviously bad for the environment.
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You know, If you have ever heard of the naturia deck in Yugioh, Then all I can say is you gave me some inspiration with your creation. Rhyme intended. :)

It is a little different from Forrest man though because his appearance will be this:

Stone cliff in a square stone-like shape for his main body 

Forest nature things on and for the rest of his body

Stumps and logs for feet and legs and fists and arms

Stones with plants/moss for his shoulders

Moss with fungus/mushrooms growing out on his top

Trees and plants around his body (with fruit in them)

And tiny forest creatures on him too.

His operators a hiker like in the pokemon games

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He almost reminds me of Drampa. The Dragon Pokemon.

Also, shouldn't the other nat navies have more than 5 battle abilities?

And what he is smoking is made of plants, so I guess it would be harmless and possibly good for the environment.
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Heh, figures the strong one is the one who's not likely to get into a big fight. The whole design just looks awesome, and that bird is distracting (in a good way).
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Part of his attack most likely.
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Seijiro2|Student General Artist
he looks high... like really high
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he was gonna clean his room...........
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draconic13's avatar
looks like toadman.exe gained some weight!
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NerdPervert's avatar
NerdPervert|Student Traditional Artist
I love it! I see him having an attack where he makes the bird follow you around and attack you :P
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Zero12354's avatar
Did you make up everyone of them or is it just a better version? I really like them!
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DestinyDecade's avatar
DestinyDecade|Hobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of a more peaceful version of Torterra.
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ChromaColors's avatar
Ay, child, come here so I may tell you a story. This tale will be of the first lemur of Madagascar and how the island country became covered with forest...
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EnzanEXE|Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly have to say I love your designs. This one doesn't fall into the humanoid bodysuit-helmet-gloves category, but it's got a certain presence to its silhouette, and the detail in the tree just makes it more awesome.

In fact, the detail in EVERYTHING makes it awesome. Never mind. I'll just be gleeing over here.
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daigospencer|Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like Sting chamaleon!
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HikariMiyuki's avatar
your Navi designs are as good as ever.
Good job ^^
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Xaldinpwn's avatar
This design is easily one of my favorites out of all of yours! He kinda reminds me of an old hippie or something like that. Can't wait to see the 10 contest winner Navis!
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Blackhook|Hobbyist General Artist
I love his design! Good job!
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McAwful|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great job on the design it's really cool. And I like the background too, original! I got a thing for smoking too. <: D
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Coldman83| Digital Artist
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Metagrossfreak|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is cool! kinda reminds me of Venusaur or Torterra though...
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drhootermyer's avatar
i like how he smokes
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KlonoaWarrior's avatar
Glad you're back! Instant fav!
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TheSlayerSenshi's avatar
Pretty cool man D:
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kevinxnelms's avatar
kevinxnelms|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man, I forget how much I love Battle Network, and your designs makes me want to start designing Navis again.

I might have to find time to get on that...
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Khemia-Dragon's avatar
OoO i think i would love to play him!Looks awesom^^
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