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Winter Has Come

By Higimura
It has been a while since Touji visited the strange land known as Nippon. Last seasons ago, it was hard for him to bring his wonderful snows, but this season felt different. He felt that he would finally be able to spread his wonderful snow crystals. He notices a human about to pass the gate and paid no heed as humans normally don't notice him. He looks out seeing the beautifully reddened land in front of him, visualizing how he will work his art.
A young lady walks towards her favorite temple. Reading her wishes for the local god. A strong cold snap of wind hits her face shutting her eyes. Looking up her eyes widen and she sees a majestic creature that looked wise with a large bottle filled with a white almost crystallized liquid. Thoughts run quick in her head of a story her grandmother had told her and she mouths the name of the creature in that story... 'Touji'.


Touji is my new Dutch Angel Dragon (species created by ino8777). His job is to spead the winter snow and winds until his bottle empties. When that happens then spring and summer come. His name Touji means Winter Solstice in Japanese. I am planning to do more art with him. So, please look forward to that.
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