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The idea of drugging his tea and having him completely at her mercy was something she'd always wanted to do. She doubted he would have minded, her reasons may have been self-serving but ultimately it was for his benefit - her husband worked hard and deserved some relaxation.

At least, she thought sadly as she kneeled beside his head, the man she believe to be her husband deserved such treatment.

Staring down at the homunculus, whose features were so beloved and dearer to her than life itself, she was filled with a sudden and heady sensation of rage. Her anger fueled her resolve in completing the task at hand; she faced him down and began the transmutation.

Sorry about the lack of activity. Things were kinda wet and crazy here in Brisbane, QLD as you may have heard on the news. But it's all good now. Just wanted to do a dark!Mrs. Bradley. Uh oh, Wrath.

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what is she doing?
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I now have a new fave FMA pair. Squee.
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AWSOME! so what if i didnt get to read any words but i love this idea!
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Oh my God, you didn't! This is so genius I can't even find words to describe it. And so beautifully drawn. You are an expert at portraying Mrs. Bradley as a strong character. And you deserve much props for coming up with an idea like this. Kudos for your boldness for exploring this possibility.

Looking at this and reading the accompanying text is going to be FUN. : D
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waaaaah, is she doing what I think she's doing!?!?!!!!! o.o
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Looks like an interesting storyline! can't wait to see more!
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