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She who must not be crossed...


Mrs. Bradley: the most unluckiest woman in all of Amestris or the most dangerous?

Deception aside, I suspect that Wrath and Pride really do enjoy the family dynamic they have with her. Well, Wrath does anyhow. :aww:

Hope she has a happy ending.
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Mrs. Bradley - because you're a badass when two homunculi are fond of you.
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LMAO xD My mom would kill me too if I came home looking like that XD
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This should have happened.
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.....lawl........ XD
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More LOL!! I can't stop reading!!
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for some reason, lots of people on the forums seem to hate selim- just because of how disturbing he can be- but i think they are missing the point in that both Selim and Bradly hinted at having a rather normal dynamic with Mrs.bradly o.o

this would be so funny if it was true thoguh *sigh too bad both are now dead :( (well hopefully selime will come out alive from this :))
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I have just imagined this happening in the manga... FATHER wont be pleased (but who cares xP)

Mrs.Bradley is one of my favorite characters in FMA. She has to find out what beings her dear husband and son really are and then... hm. I hope that she wont be killed by Father.
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LOL so funny XD
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*squee~!* XD I love the family sides of Wrath and Pride. I mean . . . Wrath does say he chose his wife himself, and Pride does say that he's sort of fond of her. *overwhelmed by evil cute* @_@
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lolz. Yeah I do hope she finds happiness.
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This comic is so funny and true :XD: Mothers/wives can be really scary at times.

I do hope Mrs. Bradly finds happiness. I wonder if deep down, Pride really does love her?
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Appearently he does. She's pretty much the only person he has any sympathy for
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