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Since becoming the Fuhrer's personal secretary, Hawkeye had become privy to several facts about the Bradley marriage than she cared to know:
- theirs was quite possibly a love match
- they had a habit of 'delaying' each other in the mornings (and indeed throughout the whole day at times)
- the Fuhrer could be as bad as his wife in terms of excessive fondness for one's spouse
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I like how Bradley just followed her movements as she bent to pick up the cup ;p And Hawkeye thought knowing your Fuhrer was a homunculus was the only traumatizing thing she had to experience...
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ahahaha Wrath will really be funny when it comes to his wife/son :3
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I think Hawkeye's been traumatised.
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Poor Hawkeye. :giggle:

I now love the pairing BradleyxMrs!Bradley. Thank you so much! :D
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... I'm afraid anyone who spends time with the King and his Queen, are going to be scarred in some way. XDDDD

BradleyxMrs!Bradley = OTP! :heart:
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