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The price was steep (no sex in Wrath's immediate future and several lonely nights on the couch undoubtedly), but it was so very worth it to see Pride's stricken and tear streaked face.

"There now dearheart," cooed his wife to the bawling mess in her lap. "Of course that's not what your middle initials stand for.
Is it, dear?"

"No, the 'B' actually stands for 'bite'."

Pride baww'd even louder but a resounding 'SLAP' could still be heard.
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MrYingYangDreamer's avatar
XD Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
bbb35's avatar
Of course, he goes Straight to mama!! Or...whatever she is to him. Yeah, Mama is appropriate.

XD Love the diaologue on the artist comments :)
animedisneyluver809's avatar
Well, we know who slept on the couch that night...
EdwardElric141's avatar
Aww...poor pride...
AsherTye's avatar
Pride does not always use his shadows to get revenge on people, particularly if he can use Mommy to get it instead.
Nadurflaa's avatar
xD Aww!~ Pride looks so cute
WangReoHongShi's avatar
ahahahahahaha! selim is so cute!
WTF1's avatar
I can't tell if Wrath is enjoying his father role too much or if he is acting like a younger brother by pulling a prank on his older sibling. Either way, Wrath has a wicked sense of humor.
XbinaryBrwnfanartist's avatar
~WTF1: Hey, those are both possibilities! oO Thanks for bringing that up, that it could be either enjoying his father role or pulling a prank on his older brother. And yeah, I agree, Wrath does have a wicked sense of humor either way. XD
pkstarstorm1up's avatar
Is this the anime 1 Selim?
XbinaryBrwnfanartist's avatar
I guess not, since the artist refers to him as Pride.
XbinaryBrwnfanartist's avatar
You're just pure genius!
Saezuri's avatar
Wrath is eviiil! And I like how cute Pride is with Mrs. Bradley! :)
Rinkusu001's avatar
And Pride learns his place. XD
sweet-suzume's avatar
Ha ha ha ha! You continue to please with your great comics!
Red-Tatsu's avatar
TropicalFreckles's avatar
XDDD sd;k lhgfdla hjdlhdgfd

God damn it, Bradley! XD
shamanmedium's avatar
Where do you keep disappearing to?! WE NEEDS YOU HERE! WE WANTS MOE KING BRADLEY, YES!?!?!

Nice sado-masochism. He loves upsetting Pride, but als loves getting Mrs. Bradley angry.
LOL i love how he grins and says that. XD hehe. niceee!!
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