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"So, what d'you want?"
"You mean, to eat?" Her innocent tone and expression was none too convincing. Cid couldn't help returning an affectionate smirk while pressing his body firmly against her.
"Well I don't wanna ruin yer appetite, but I think it'll be alright if we skip straight to dessert Shera. Just this once..."
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CidXShera forever!!!!!!
PassiveIre's avatar
No one does Cid Highwind and Shera fanart the way you do. <3
Cosplaying-Bella's avatar
I say dessert should always come before
YAY more Cid/Shera!
Roxyguitarz's avatar
Awesome! :aww:
Great drawing (as always), and lovin' the little 'story' , too! ;-)
Erin-Jaganshi19's avatar
Love it, but I have one question: Where did Shera's glasses go?
HighwindEngineer03's avatar
It went the same way as Cid's goggles: lost. Her glasses are under a pile of documents on her desk, his goggles lie forgotten in the space behind the couch cushions.

Erin-Jaganshi19's avatar
Ah, that explains it! XD Good to have you back.
Irvin-chan's avatar
Oh, your still alive!
Many time without see you...

Welcome again.
Taigan's avatar
Awww! I missed them!

And Cid's really buffed out in this! :o
Lucky girl! ;)
IrishNekoArts's avatar
*squeels* yay!!!! more cid sheera X3 I love it!
Rini-the-Fitten's avatar
leaf-zelindor's avatar
the Comment makes it XD
awesome to see an update XD
Nevertoldmewhat's avatar
I love your cid/shera fanarts <3
There are always perfect and In Charackter x3
jameson9101322's avatar
I am compelled to favorite nearly everything you make cid/shera just becuase you're such a master!
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