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Golditooth and the 3 Bradleys

The Divine Cow once created a series of FMA 4komas based on fairytales and traditional folktales, so here's my contribution: a fractured take on 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears' starring Papa Bradley, Mama Bradley and Kid Bradley. :D

In case you're not aware, 'Golditooth' is that creepy doctor who oversaw the Fuhrer Candidate Program.
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AHHH Love how the transmutation circles are like Mustang's fire one, the ice one from the first brotherhood episode, and then the human transmutation one!
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Pride's face kills me every time I look at this XDDD

And, that's totally the best name for the doctor dude anywhere!


I have a strange urge to write some sort of fanfiction with him now.


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I just love the three Bradleys' facial expressions in here. Especially Pride's. XD
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I just realized which transmutation circles you used in the first two panels. XD
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Damn, this is spot on :D
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Yes, justice has been done. XD
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just wonder, did you make those speed lines in the last panel yourself? O.o
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LOL OMG... I really shouldn't search dA when lacking sleep... but wow, that's just too funny :XD:
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lmao! :lmao: You make my day :D
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That guy was sooo creepy....I kept imagining spiders were gonna crawl out of him....*shudders*

Very funny omake! :XD:
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