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FMA Yaranaika Bradleys

The phrase 'Yaranaika' roughly translates to 'Shall we do it? in Japanese; the phrase and this well known scene originates from a notorious yaoi hentai which features some of the funniest O-faces drawn by man. For more information on the internet meme it started, Google will be happy to oblige.

BRB, nosebleedin'.
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:iconhurrplz: Dat Dastardly, Kind!!
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that's how selim bradley was born
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Why Just Why
So maybe this is the reason she slapped him on their first date...?
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XD at Mrs Bradley's nose bleed! I love your strips!
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I just... kind of have to fav this and save to my computer because, reasons
-nosebleed- serves you all right XD
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Oh gads, you win.
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what anime is this from
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XDDD Woooooww. Lol... yaoi hentai~ I think I've heard of this before... not sure where. (The Yaranaika yaoi thingy)
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Only this comic most decidedly ISN'T yaoi.
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XD Kaykay. I know this drawing ain't yaoi. o_______o I can't stand FMA yaoi. [/shudder] I don't hate yaoi, I just don't like fandom yaoi.
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very yes <3
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