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FMA: Valentine's Gift 3

Simple elegance was her style; she was never one for gaudy jewelery. The ones that she did wear were precious not because of their material value, but because of the givers.

Whoo, custom made Philosopher Stone jewelery. Lucky Mrs. Bradley. :wow:

This will probably be coloured at some point.
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Indeed they're a WORTHY SHIP. *_*
I especially love their mutuality and points of views towards one another... TTATT

Yeah I ship them. Big time *u*
Thank you for shariiiiiing!! :thumbsup:
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you deserve way more love for these than you get.
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wow that was adorable. If only their family was like that, it would be so cute. :]

Thank you for sharing!
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i liked this!!! its nice seeing them acting like a family. and entertaining because these two are dangerous beings but even they had their moments it seems :D
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KYA! :excited: So cute!! I loved the comic. :lmao: I love it how you always pit King and Selim against each other for Mrs. Bradley's affection. :XD:
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